256mb - 512mb Ram Will there be a difference?

  Tricky 3003 19:32 23 Oct 2005

Okay my home desktop

AMD 1700XP
80gb 7200rpm HD
256mb DDR 266 Memory

It runs quite sluggish at the moment, will there be a noticable difference in performance by adding another stick of 256mb DDR 266 Ram?

  powerless 19:35 23 Oct 2005


Esp. with Windows XP!

  stalion 19:35 23 Oct 2005

yes it should make a considerable difference 512 is recommended for xp

  Diemmess 19:52 23 Oct 2005

Probably more improvement than any other single way.

After that the Law of Diminishing Returns begins to kick in, but with XP that starts at about 1Gb

  [email protected] 10:57 24 Oct 2005

Yup - big difference ;-)

  g0slp 11:00 24 Oct 2005

As above, 'twill make a BIG difference.



  [email protected] 11:11 24 Oct 2005

PS I imagine a lot lot of people [me included first time], when increasing memory they just add more of what is already in there, a simple increase in capacity. Then later a memory intensive progam is installed and even that increase isnt sufficient. My advice is to check first you have max speed memory fitted in the first place [unlikely unless you specified this requirement when you purchased your PC].
If it is, good luck, and increase to more than 512mb if you can as XP takes a large chunk of that to run smoothly.
If not, bite the bullet and change what you have for the fastest recommended by your mobo and increase the capacity to 512mb+
You will see a big difference in performance.

  ethelene 12:48 24 Oct 2005

I did it quite recently - total numpty but it was easy.

I got mine from crucialmemory - an on-line test is run and they guarantee compatibility.

Cheap, problem free and excellent service.

And I noticed a massive difference.

Good luck!

  Starfox 12:53 24 Oct 2005

Increased mine from 256mb to 1gb and what a difference!Most bang for your bucks as they say.:o)

  Confab 13:01 24 Oct 2005

Agree with above. Also try installing something like this click here

You should notice a system speed up.


  [email protected] 14:16 24 Oct 2005

This will also help
click here
I have 1.5Gb and it improves on that!

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