250w psu and radeon 9800

  kakellie 17:56 26 Jun 2004

I've just bought a hercules all in wonder 9800se it state in the manual that a 300w psu is needed i only have a 250w psu will it be ok my system is a athlon 2600xp,dvd writer,dvd drive,floppy drive,seagate barracuda 160gid harddrive a fire wire card and a network card,motherboard msi 6712.

  obbit 18:01 26 Jun 2004

You need a bigger psu. 400watt or 450watt would be ok.

  kakellie 18:51 26 Jun 2004

what will happen if i put the card in anyway

  obbit 18:59 26 Jun 2004

your computer will crash, freeze, and just won't work

  Dorsai 19:07 26 Jun 2004

things won't work very well, if at all.

You may blow up the 350W PSU, and you may blow the rest of the PC up at the same time....

Apart from web sellers, pc world sell a jaintec 400W PSU (bout £46). I have one, and it works fine and is in my opinion, quiet.

  obbit 19:09 26 Jun 2004

goto an independant computer shop, i got a 550watt psu for £30.55 today.

  kakellie 19:12 26 Jun 2004

why does it run ok now no crashes forgot to mention my current graphics card fx 5200

  obbit 19:15 26 Jun 2004

supply and demand. your components need x amount of power. bigger components need more power.

  rickf 19:28 26 Jun 2004

550w are very cheap now. Just bought one recently from ebuyer for £22.

  Dorsai 19:32 26 Jun 2004

As obbit said...supply and demand....More powerful stuff is just that, more powerfull, so it needs more power...if the power your PC needs to run is more than the power you PSU(Power Supply Unit) can supply....BANG, PUFF of SMOKE...Dead PC...Opps..one big paperweight...

  woodchip 19:38 26 Jun 2004

250Watt OK for a Game-Boy

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