250w power supply will it do?

  nyleridedog 11:42 05 Feb 2003

I have just started gathering goods to assemble my first PC, xp1700, 40gig 512ddr,the motherboard has onboard sound and i will have to get a graphics card but thats about it will my 250 psu be up to the challenge?
thank you

  nightporter 11:54 05 Feb 2003

From AMD.

Q. What size power supply will I need with my AMD Athlon processor?

A. For a minimally configured low power-consumption system, you can use any of the
approved power supplies listed on our website. A 250-watt power supply is the
minimum but you need to estimate the system configuration requirements to
ensure system stability. Minimally configured means: 128-Mbyte RAM, 16-Mbyte
AGP graphics, internal V.90 modem, 10/100 NIC, floppy drive, CD-ROM or DVD,
and 5400-RPM hard disk.
If you are not certain of the final user-configuration, it is safer to install one of the
approved 300-watt (or larger) power supplies listed on the recommended power
supply listing. If the Athlon processor-based system will have more powerconsuming
accessories than the basic minimum, we recommend you build your
system using 300-watt (or larger) power supplies. By using a larger power supply,
the system is also robust enough to handle future enhancements.

  Gongoozler 15:32 05 Feb 2003

nyleridedog, AMD used to say what power supplies were suitable for each speed of Athlon, and a 250W supply was ok for up to 850M. These days they are more cautious and leave it to the user to work things out. With an XP1700 (I think that is about 1.4G clock speed, and if you are going to use a fast graphics card, I think you could have trouble with a 250W supply. I think you should budget for a 300W or even 350W supply.

  Pilch.... 15:44 05 Feb 2003

an ernemax 350 wat PSU, more expensive, but as i found when i brought cheap PSU's you pay for economic's.

The ernemax i have powers my computer brilliantly, and although at £40 pricey, you wont have to pay out every few months.

  SmiffyRebel 17:29 05 Feb 2003

For the extra money I personally would buy a 300 or a 350 watt PSU

  nyleridedog 21:21 05 Feb 2003

Thanks guys i think i have enough to go on now!
i:e THROW MY 250 OUT AND GET MYSELF A 300 OR A 350. sound

  nyleridedog 21:23 05 Feb 2003


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