2500+ Barton Core

  TJ Macintosh 12:18 28 Aug 2003

AMD Athlon "Barton" XP2500+ 333FSB (Socket A) CPU - OEM (CP-039-AM)

I am going to be purchasing this processor a bit later today with a credit card. Just wondering according to my motherboard manual it says it can take '2800+ or higher'. But I am wondering if it can handle this Barton Core and also whether it will be able to handle that FSB.


PS - this motherboard DOES support memory at DDR333.

  TJ Macintosh 12:23 28 Aug 2003

still need advice on this, but i have now decided to go with the RETAIL version for only £5 more

  -pops- 12:34 28 Aug 2003
  TJ Macintosh 12:52 28 Aug 2003

THANKS A LOT POPS. great help, great table, if i have read this correctly, does that mean that I would have to set the FSB to 166?!

  -pops- 13:01 28 Aug 2003

I would think yes but, not sure.

  TJ Macintosh 13:02 28 Aug 2003

ok thanks POPs im quite sure this is rite according to the table,well if anyone can confirm that would be nice

  Rayuk 18:26 28 Aug 2003

Yes set the cpu to run at 166fsb

  Rayuk 18:27 28 Aug 2003

An afterthought before swapping over check you have right bios version.

  TJ Macintosh 18:34 28 Aug 2003

But surely if it says in the motherboard manual that it can accept speed above 2800+ then they are thinking about the BIOS version presently installed!>?????????

  Rayuk 18:51 28 Aug 2003

According to this page you need at minimum version 1.7 to take the 2800Barton

click here

I only recommended you check your bios version first as if you dont have the correct bios version it may not work and the one thing you dont want to be doing is changing the cpu back and forth.

The original board may not have been able to take a 2800 without bios flash,but as time goes on later boards may be a different version[with a later bios version] which you may or may not have

  TJ Macintosh 22:37 28 Aug 2003

I dont actually want to put a 2800 Barton init, just a 2500 Barton.

I was just saying that on thre motherboard manual it says this board caqn handle speed of 2800+ and higher

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