2.5 External Hard Drive

  Ade_1 15:47 01 Jan 2006

Would this work with a comptuer aswell as a laptop or not? Would it have to be a 3.5 for it to work with a Comptuer aswell as a laptop?

  Thalmus 15:48 01 Jan 2006

If it is external and has a USB connection then yes, it will on bot ha laptop and a desktop

  Ade_1 15:49 01 Jan 2006

ok thanks :)

  Ade_1 15:50 01 Jan 2006

what about a 2.5?

  woodchip 15:50 01 Jan 2006

If USB it will work with Lap and Desk, If you have USB

  Thalmus 15:51 01 Jan 2006

If its got a usb connection then yes

  Ade_1 15:51 01 Jan 2006

ok just checkign thats what Thal ment

  Ade_1 15:51 01 Jan 2006

Thanks again

  DieSse 15:51 01 Jan 2006

It'll work fine on both.

However, as I said earlier, 2.5" inch drives are slower, and tend to be noticeably more expensive.

But on the positive side, they are smaller, lighter, and consume less power - I've even seen models that work just off USB power, without the need for a power block.

  Ade_1 15:53 01 Jan 2006

yes, im just weighing up my options at the moment :), not sure what to go for etc as i am also lokoign at gettign a new graphics card for my machine so i dont want to go spending too much :)

  Ade_1 15:53 01 Jan 2006

Must be off now goodbye thanks everyone!

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