24"or 26" TFT?

  Naomi1 17:49 05 Nov 2008

I use my PC mainly for internet, email and games (mostly Flight Simulators), hardly for foto/videoprocessing and not at all for watching movies.
I want to upgrade my PC with a P45 or X48 board, Quad 8200 CPU, 4GB DDR3, and grafics ATI 4870 or GF 9800GTX+.

I also want to buy a 24" or a 26" TFT Monitor. I heard the 26" screens might give problems in viewing angle when seated at a normal distance.
Who has experience with 26" TFT's? And what would be a good choice concerning this upgrade? (As to TFT's, prices allow only TN-type screens).
Thanks a lot.

  citadel 19:04 05 Nov 2008

24 is big enough, bigger the screen more work for the graphics card.

  Stuartli 19:07 05 Nov 2008

I may be wrong, but there's no logic in that statement.

It's the monitor that does "the work" of revealing the images - the graphics card merely provides the information for it to do so.

  Naomi1 19:38 05 Nov 2008

Indeed, and on top of hat; the ATi4870 and the GF9800GTX+ are top of the bill and capable to deliver more than required by a 26"TFT.

So I asked for users experience with 26" TFT screens in regard to viewing angle versus watching distance.

  citadel 20:06 05 Nov 2008

higher resolution of large screens affects fps in games.

  Sutts88 20:10 05 Nov 2008

24 inch screens are the right size for full hd (1920x1080) while 26 inch usually run at 1366x768 so 24 would be best. Heres a great 24" monitor with built in digital tv click here|category_root|Home+entertainment+and+sat+nav|10199181/c_2/2|cat_10199181|Televisions|10199303/c_3/3|cat_10199303|14+inch+to+24+inch+LCD+TVs|10199312.htm

  jarvis10@btinternet.com 20:12 05 Nov 2008

about a year ago i upgraded from 2 21" screens to a 24" widescreen. it took a while to get used to for normal tasks and gaming, simply because it's huge, great for tv and movies, but even now the brightness and contrast are set to 15%. so i wouldnt concider a 26" too big IMHO.
also playing games at full settings @1900 x 1200 resolution pushes a factory overclocked 280gtx a little, there is a notable increase in frames with sli.

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