2400MHz computer slower than a 800MHz

  Peverelli 20:02 01 Jul 2003

Further to my problems in trying to reinstall XP ( click here ), I am now reluctantly back with W98 (after formatting HD and then a clean install). Even though I have an Athlon XP2400+ CPU and 768Mb RAM my PC seems very, very slow at times. Outlook Express either takes up to 5 minutes to open or simply stops responding. Even a simple task like switching boxes either side of the 'AND' in PCA's helproom search page can take up to half a minute. Have tried to repair IE6 (message: IE could not be repaired) and reinstalled IE using the latest PCA cover disk, but problem remains.

Who would like to have a go at this one? ;O)

  Philip2 20:20 01 Jul 2003

Were you installing XP using the upgrade version? you need the full version 768MB of ram is to high for 98 you need 256MB with a max of 512MB and that could cause a freeze.
Can your MOBO hangle a Athlon 2400?? a CPU is not a plug and play you can't just take say a 1GB out and stick s say an ATHLON 2000 in it won't work if your MOBO won't support it.

  Peverelli 20:27 01 Jul 2003

Yes, I was using the upgrade version of XP, that's why I had to install W98 first & then tried the XP upgrade. The MoBo is an AsRock K7VT2 and supports the XP2400+.

Now you mention it, I vaguely recall the W98 problem regarding too much memory and will take the 256Mb stick out and see if that improves the situation.


  Glyn-252301 20:55 01 Jul 2003

You can run Win98 with 765 ram but you will need to do the following.
Start up in safe mode, then open windows sysem ini. now locate vcache, on next line after vcache type "MinFileCache=51200" and on next line type "MaxFileCache=56320". Now locate 386Enh and on next line type "MinSPs=16" Save changes and reboot.

If system is unstable you may need to change the Virtual memory to double the amount of installed memory.
If you still have trouble email Crucial at [email protected]
Regards G.

  jazzypop 21:22 01 Jul 2003

For future reference, you do *not* have to install W98 first, then install XP, just because you have an upgrade version of XP.

Simply start with a bare, formatted drive, insert the XP CD and restart. XP will install, realise that you do not have a version of Windows on the hard drive, and at the appropriate time ask you to insert your CD containing your older version of Windows.

This is simply to check that you have an older Windows CD - it will then eject it, and continue to install XP.

  Peverelli 21:38 01 Jul 2003

Have removed some memory, now down to 512Mb, but haven't noticed any difference.

Will try your tip youknowim, PC Pitstop suggested entering MaxFileCache=262144 after [vcache] but still no change. What does it mean & what exactly does it do?

Thanks for that advice jazzypop, that will save me and maybe a few more people time and stress ;O)

  Peverelli 21:53 01 Jul 2003

Have carried out youknowim's suggestion and noticed a slight increase in speed. OE opened up in 2 minutes & switching tabs is still taking about 5 seconds.

  Glyn-252301 22:12 01 Jul 2003

The info that I posted for you was sent to me by Crucial Memory because like you I had XP and Win98 on same H/D and I refused to accept the rule that win98 will not work with more than 512Mb.
In some cases what I posted will suffice and there will be no instability, but because of the many computations of hardware and software that go to make up a computer other measures may have to be taken to gain reasonable stability.
If you want I can scan and send the whole thing to you as an attachment to an email.
Regards G.

  hssutton 22:28 01 Jul 2003

Having followed the same route as you, ie upgrading from Win 98se to XP, installing 768Mb ram. I reverted to Win98se due to incompatabilities with some peripherals and experienced exactly the same problems. In particular logging on to the 'net took two minutes, ECDC 6 played my music CDs at several times the correct speed. However reducing the memory to 512Mb corrected everything.

  woodchip 22:39 01 Jul 2003

This may be nothing what so ever to do with your computer but down to you Dial-Up connection

  woodchip 22:41 01 Jul 2003

Try Opera Browser click here

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