24 Meg Broadband - Is it a con!!!

  CutNpaste 01:20 03 Sep 2005

Hi everybody,
just wanted to know whether this new company called 'Be' is ligitimate.
They're website is click here and they're offer seems to good to be true and it will also be availiable to my exchange aswell.

If any one has witnessed this connection then please plet me know.

  Strawballs 01:26 03 Sep 2005

It does look to good to be true and now that they have your phone number you might start to get lots of junk calls (the phone equivilent of spam)

  dagwoood 01:29 03 Sep 2005

It isn't a con. Here are some articles about BeThere click here
click here
click here

HTH, dagwoood.

  zincy 02:08 03 Sep 2005

wow is it really £20? only?
there must be a catch

  Sans le Sou 09:38 03 Sep 2005

You need to be no more than 5.5 KM from the exchange and the rate degrades as you get further away. (This is from Bethere blurb). Not available in all areas as yet.

  the kopite 11:04 03 Sep 2005

Just cheked this isp my exchange will be actvated jan 2006 then it will be goodbye aol lol guys kopite

  scotty 11:45 03 Sep 2005

It is genuine. Lots of info at click here

The high values have become possible due to the introduction of ADSL+. Only available from limited number of ADSL+ ready exchanges.

Not sure how much faster it will be in practice but I am pretty sure you will not be transferring files 24 times faster than with 1Mbps.

  CutNpaste 21:16 03 Sep 2005

u know!!
most of the people who signed up for bulldog 8mb in my area, have already cancelled their subscription and are going for the 24mb.

wow !!! its so cool that the connection is already coming to my local exchange!!
am happy !!! wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Chegs ® 22:59 03 Sep 2005

I would wait a bit longer,there are moves afoot(trialling)to pilot 350Mbs ADSL,using the present infrastructure. click here

  Taw® 23:13 03 Sep 2005


  stalion 23:14 03 Sep 2005

will we have to install disc brakes on our pc's

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