2.2ghz shows up as 850mhz?

  pj123 15:00 31 May 2004

Just bought a Motherboard bundle to upgrade an old Duron 900 computer.

It is a Mercury Mainboard with already fitted 2.2ghz pro CPU and fan. SIS 740 chipset, onboard graphics, onboard sound, 200 FSB, 4 channel audio, 266 DDR, 256DDR memory and 4 USB ports on the back and 2 more headers for front USB ports and a new ATX Case to fit it all in. Conversion is now done and working perfectly. Just thought I would try Right click My Computer and select System Information which shows the CPU as 850mhz? Doesn’t sound right to me?

  pc mad 15:08 31 May 2004

i think you will find that the actual running speed of the cpu is 850mhz, all though the cpu is described as a 2200 pro thats not the running speed

  pj123 15:23 31 May 2004

pc mad, yes I agree with you up to a point. This computer I am using now has an Athlon XP2000+ CPU but shows up in System Information as 1.7ghz, but a drop from 2.2ghz to 850mhz seems excessive to me.

  mezzanine 15:29 31 May 2004

could it be something to do with the FSB setting in bios?

  pj123 15:44 31 May 2004

mezzanine, I don't know. I assumed the motherboard CD that came with the M/B set everything up as it should be. I must point out that even though the System Information shows the CPU as 850mhz it does appear to be faster than the Duron 900mhz processor, but maybe that is down to the DDR memory rather than the SDRAM memory on the Duron M/B?

  pc mad 15:54 31 May 2004

i think you will find that because the cpu is onboard and can not be changed that the fsb setting is predetermined and is not adjustable,i agree with you it does seem a big drop, but does it say any where in the instructions what the speed is?

  alan227 16:00 31 May 2004

What make is your processor and what is the rating of your DDram.
Have you checked in the BIOS to see what FSB it is running at?.

  Mikè 16:01 31 May 2004

Is it this board click here they class it as a Duron 850 on this site.

  Fruit Bat 16:22 31 May 2004

Sounds like the BIOS has load a set of default settings.

When you boot how is CPU described? My AMD 1200 sometimes comes on at 900 and I have to reset it in the BIOS.

  Mikè 16:26 31 May 2004

If it is the board I have linked to it has a hard wired mobile type processor, and a basic bios with little or no adjustment.

  Life's-Good 16:43 31 May 2004

most probably fsb settings in the bios. If i set my 2800 processor to multiplier of say 11 or something then it will show as a 1250mhz proc.

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