22 Inch Flat Panel Monitors

  haricot 18:57 24 Aug 2007

I'm afraid this is a return to an earlier Post on my part.Thanks to the guys who very kindly advised me before , I have narrowed a choice down to:-

HannsG HW223DP or Samsung SM226BW

Can anyone who has got one of these and knows both give me their views on which one is the better buy.


  haricot 19:00 24 Aug 2007

I forgot to mention ( if it will make any difference) that I will be using it with a Dell Inspiron 530 DT plus a few bits.

  citadel 21:43 24 Aug 2007

samsung 226bw has excellent reviews. "ideal for movies and games" custom pc elite list.

  ambra4 22:20 24 Aug 2007

Note the difference

HannsG HW223DP

Response time: 5ms
Contrast ratio: 800:1

Samsung SM226BW

Response Time: 2ms
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

The best buy is the Samsung

  haricot 13:45 25 Aug 2007

Many thanks to you both: citadel and ambra4
Not having a lot of knowledge on these things you have pointed out what I should have perceived as the obvious. I am obliged.
Thanks again.

  haricot 14:19 25 Aug 2007

Tis me again , coming back on this in the hope that it is not too late to catch anyone.

Having just read a couple of reviews on this monitor I understand that it does not TILT.

Is'nt this rather important to have and the fact that it does not tilt , does'nt it take off the "best in the bag" viewpoint a bit ?

Any answers from users of tilt or non-tilt monitors would be welcome. Thanks

  ambra4 20:20 25 Aug 2007

Not sure what site you went to read this review

click here

The stand is not height adjustable but it is circular, which is a simple method of getting the whole display to rotate.

It does tilt forward and back and it is wall mountable with 100mm VESA standard holes

  haricot 10:44 26 Aug 2007

Yep , I am suitably embarassed and feel like a right dipstick for not having the nouse to look at that site.

Thanks a lot ambra4 for showing me the light . I appreciate it . I am always in a hurry and should spend more time .I'll try and do the job properly next time.

It certainly looks as if that Monitor will be the best buy so your latest advice is most welcome.

Many thanks again.

  Air_Man 12:26 28 Aug 2007

I've just bought the HannsG HW233DP (dabs.com - about £185 exc. del) and am very happy with it. It is sharp & clear, and the screen is matt which gives very little reflectance of room light.

Its a bit of a pain that it doesn't have a height adjustment, but with the tilt, and a few hours use, I no longer notice.

One thing I would say though is to make sure your GPU can handle the native resolution (1600 x 1050) because things get a bit fuzzy at lower settings.

All-in-all I'm very happy with it, and with such a thin bezel it looks good too. Oh, forget the built in speakers though - this seems to be where corners were cut to get the price down.

  haricot 14:10 28 Aug 2007

Thanks Air_man. Yours comments are appreciated and very interesting . The Hanns was my other choice but as you can see from the above comments by Ambra4 it seems to be beaten by the Samsung on Response time and Ratio. So in my mind I had sorta made up my mind to get the Samsung. But I am much obliged for your response.

  pjwheeldon 14:56 28 Aug 2007

Was there not a problem with some of the Samsung SM226BW models recently, due to Samsung being unable to supply the level of demand from their regular factory. I understood that they had outsourced, and some screens were not A grade, but rather B or even C.

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