20mb broadband speed for virgin ex telewest?

  athenrye 17:30 31 Jul 2007

im with virgin ex telewest customer, im supposed to be on 20mb speed on cable
ive tested it with a couple of them click here and all i get is 4 to 6 mb i assume this is slow and im being robbed

i have phoned them and they are going to phone back, whats my attack against the pish they will give me

and the best one to check the speed of a cable broadband please

  brundle 17:49 31 Jul 2007

Switch everything off for for 5-10 minutes, then power up your BB modem, give it another minute or two, power up router (if you have one) and PC. Let it the devices re-negotiate a connection and it may improve things. The helpline will tell you to do what I've just described first off anyway. Try click here

  VoG II 18:03 31 Jul 2007

Try this speed test click here

Also, you might benefit from a new modem click here

  athenrye 18:23 31 Jul 2007

hi guys thanks for your info

my modem was knackered yesterday
they came today and gave me a new one, the guy said my old one coudnt cope with the 20mb new speeds anyway when i complained to him about the slow speeds, he left and said it should be 14-16mb now

on speed test website i get 5-7 mb
on that one you send vog it says im on fast speed 10mb, which is at least better, but im suppoed to be int he area where 20mb is available andthats what im paying for


  brundle 18:26 31 Jul 2007

Any relevant tickets at the BB status page? click here

  athenrye 19:06 31 Jul 2007

no issues at this end of the country
they said that when i was on the phone to them

sounds like im stuck on the lower level 10mb....

not the upgraded 20mb

  audeal 19:12 31 Jul 2007

Is your system a "twenty meg" speed or is it "Up To" twenty Meg. If it is "Up To" twenty meg then you are getting "Up to" twenty meg.

It is, of course, a Con. Most people get about five meg on an "UP To" eight meg system.

  athenrye 19:35 31 Jul 2007

hi audeal
thanks for the tip, but to be honest im not that dim....
the vigin guy said that its 20mb and that on a good day its 16mb

i canexcept this and know the spees are a con
but im getting 4-7 and and the average is only 6mb

which in my opinion is rubbish
any other virgin/telewest/ntl cable customers on who are supposed to get 20mb

whats your speed

  VoG II 19:45 31 Jul 2007

I'm getting typically 15-19 meg.

When I received my Scientific Atlanta 2100 modem
It didn't go completely smoothly. I had to phone with its MAC address to get it activated. Then I had no internet access. Bypassed my router - still no access.

So I phoned Technical Support (25p/min) but as soon as the guy found out what the issue was he got me to hang up and phoned me back. It took him about 10 minutes to run some checks and do something (I have no idea what) and I had access once more.

I switched everything off, reconnected my router, turned on modem and waited for it to self-check, same with router then PC on and wayhey - all running as before but a tad faster.

So - it may be worth a call to Tech Support.

  athenrye 19:56 31 Jul 2007

thanks vog
id accept those speeds

i did phone tech support today at 1pm
went through all the shut down procedure etc and they seemed to be happy the trouble was at thier end, they said they would phone back in half an hour, still waiting
just been on to customer complaints and £25 off of them as well for the poor service

i have emailed them on the virgin newsgroup as well

got to be honest it could be better service from them, up until now its been good, im trying not to let it bother me


  athenrye 20:10 13 Aug 2007

got the 20mb now

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