20gig hd shows 7.2 gig

  shauny36 19:01 11 Jan 2006

have installed a 17 or 20 gig hd in the kids computer but it only shows as a 7.2 gig.
can i change this without losing anything.
have a sneaky feeling its got something to do with ntfs or fat32.

running xp pro.

  Totally-braindead 19:07 11 Jan 2006

Does it not tell you on it what size it is?

  shauny36 19:22 11 Jan 2006

had the drive lying around but did not have on what size so i put it into another computer to see what size it was and if my memory serves me right it came up as 20 gig so i right clicked on it and formated then put it into a new computer and installed xp pro but now only shows as 7.2 gig.

  shauny36 16:43 10 Sep 2006

do i have to change it to ntfs if so how and how do i tell if its fat 32 or ntfs.

  ed-0 16:51 10 Sep 2006

Have a look in disk management, thats

right click my computer > manage > disk management. Look in the new window on the right hand side.

You should be able to see your drive. What are the readings.

Also can you give us the make and model of the hard drive, use SIW click here To tell you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:52 10 Sep 2006

What Op system in kids computer?

limits of hard drive can be due to Op system or BIOS
click here

  ed-0 16:54 10 Sep 2006

It's XP pro that shauny36 is using.

  DieSse 17:22 10 Sep 2006

It may be the computer has an 8GB limit on the size of hard drive that can be installed.

What make of hard drive is it? You can get software that may get around that limit eg Disk Wizard if it's a Seagate drive.

  shauny36 17:30 10 Sep 2006

just had a quick look.

7.84 gig (fat32) and 11.25gig unallocated.

so it looks as though it is a 20gig but is only showing 7.84 because its in fat32.
is this right, if so how do i change it to ntfs.


  DieSse 18:36 10 Sep 2006

No - you could use fat32 for the whole of the drive if you wanted - it'll work up to 32GB without any messing at all.

The simplest thing to do is to use Disk Management to allocate the rest of the space as another drive. But if you want to incorporate the space into the C drive, you need some software, like Partition Magic, or you need to reformat and re-install XP. At the re-install stage you can set it up to FAT32 or NTFS, as you wish.

  ed-0 18:40 10 Sep 2006

Leave it as fat32. Right click the unallocated space and select create new partition.

This will start the wizard to partition, format, allocate a drive letter and select either fat32 or ntfs for that partition.

If you want it to be just one drive, then as DieSse has mentioned.

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