205 Router: Flashing DSL light

  BOAF 13:23 20 Sep 2005


I am trying to help my aunt who is housebound get her internet access back. Her previous router packed up and I sent her a spare 205 router that is brand new that I received when I signed up to Broadband with BT. She has plugged this in to the phone line via a microfilter and plugged in the ethernet cable. She can access the voyager page ( but cannot access the internet. We have disabled the firewall in Windows. the DSL light constantly flashes so it seems that it is not sync'ing, she is on Demon. We have tried plugging in the router into the master socket and have contacted Demon who ran a line test which showed the adsl line was fine.

If anyone can help me, my aunt would much appreciate it as the net is her lifeline.

Thank you in advance

  Jackcoms 13:26 20 Sep 2005

Did you install any drivers for this router?

  BOAF 13:36 20 Sep 2005

No, although originally did try to connect to the USB and inserted BT yahoo disk but it asked for BT account which she did not have as she is with Demon so we cancelled the install and then removed USB and went via the ethernet.

  BOAF 13:40 20 Sep 2005

by the way the PC is running XP

  Jackcoms 13:41 20 Sep 2005

And that's your problem.

The router will never work without the drivers/software to tell it what to do.

It seems that the only drivers/CD you have originally came as a BT Yahoo package.

Who makes this router?

You may be able to find generic drivers for it from the maker's website.

  BOAF 13:44 20 Sep 2005

Hi, I was told by various people that as it is going through ethernet and as I am using xp, I do not need the drivers and that you only need drivers if you connect using USB. I don't believe BT provide on their website the generic drivers.

  Jackcoms 13:57 20 Sep 2005

"as it is going through ethernet and as I am using xp, I do not need the drivers and that you only need drivers if you connect using USB".

Not sure about that, but it sounds a bit iffy to me.

Have you had a look at the BT website?

  phil46 14:07 20 Sep 2005

You need drivers.

  Fateful Shadow 14:20 20 Sep 2005

Does the DSL light flash a few times, then stay green for a second, then flash a few more times, stay on for a second...and so on? If so, we had the same problem. Something was wrong with the DSL signal to the house and we had to contact BT to help us.

I'm not sure if this is the case with your problem however, as you say you have contacted "Demon." It might be worthwhile asking BT to do a line check...not sure if it'll work, but it may help. Or, I could be going off on one again :P

Hope this helps :)

  BOAF 14:25 20 Sep 2005

Thank you for all the response, I have just been searching around for past posts on the server and someone suggested releasing and renewing IPCONFIG, which I have done, it didn't look like it did it straightaway but the DSL light has gone solid and we now have access to the internet - so problem resolved. Thanks again.

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