200gb SATA HDD + 30gb ATA - how best to configure?

  Clive-330377 14:28 13 Sep 2005


I am currently building a new PC from scratch, and want to utilise a 30gb HDD from my old system, alongside the new 200gb SATA drive.

My intentions are to partition the 200gb as follows:

10gb - Windows XP Pro OS
20gb - Applications
10gb - for page file and scratch disk in Photoshop
160gb - home movies, images etc

The 30gb HDD will be used for WinXP image and backups.

My question...is this the best use of the drives in terms of partition size...and how will the slower drive cope?

Thanks in advance, and regards,


  field divison 14:38 13 Sep 2005

Whats the speed rating on the 2 drives

  Clive-330377 14:59 13 Sep 2005

They are both 7200rpm. The SATA drive has a data rate transfer of 150mb/sec, the ATA is 133mb/sec.

Thanks for the prompt reply.



  field divison 15:18 13 Sep 2005

Personally I dont see a problem with the slower drive as long as you have plenty of ram.
I dont think they should conflict each other to much if at all. I'm sorry if the answers I give are limited as I havent had much dealings with sata drives running along-side ata's.
If I were given the option on both drive's, I would seriously consider your way on having a successful outcome.
By all means leave the thread open and I will see if I can get some solid answer's, also for someone to back both of us up on this one...


  Clive-330377 15:22 13 Sep 2005

Thanks for your reply...it's appreciated. For your info, the RAM will be 1gb of PC4200 Corsair memory.



  [email protected] 15:27 13 Sep 2005

windows always defaults to the slow drive suggest your 10gb partition is too small for XP. You could be better off using the 30G drive as the master and storing all your data pics etc on the 200g drive partioned into 40G partitions. 1G of ram will readily chase thro 30G drive

  Clive-330377 15:36 13 Sep 2005

Thanks kellysbouncas...that thought had crossed my mind, but wasn't sure how it would affect speed in terms of the OS. So I would configure the 30gb as master (and if i added another, configure as slave?) Does the SATA drive configure itself in terms of master/slave?

Thanks and regards,


  Microdot 15:56 13 Sep 2005

SATA drives are standalone devices
ie. there are no master/slave configurations to worry about.

Cheers de Art.

  DieSse 17:58 13 Sep 2005

Personally I would put the 30Gb as the WinXP drive. This will avoid what seem to be recurring problems on installing to SATA drives.

The 200 I would keep as a single partition - you can organise it with folders just as well, and NTFS really doesn't need partitions.

  DieSse 17:59 13 Sep 2005

PS - then you can also readily image your 30Gb OS/applications drive to a folder on your large drive.

  DieSse 18:02 13 Sep 2005

PS - both drives are 7200rpm - so little if any difference there.

Interface speeds are not highly relevant - hard drives cannot sustain anywhere near these transfer rates. Only the data from the on-drive cache can use this speed.

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