2000th logon

  kyprosman 23:22 21 Apr 2005

Just clocked up my 2000th logon to this brill site. I know I have'nt put much info in but I appreciate all the info you lads and lasses put in and helped me out so a big thanks to all. Andy.

  Spark6 23:40 21 Apr 2005

Echo that. Stay with it.

  Pooke100 23:46 21 Apr 2005

I'm at No.299.

What about you others?

  Stuartli 23:52 21 Apr 2005

Well over 3,000 but it would be even more except these days I use Hibernate to shut down the system when not in use. So I don't need to sign on each time...:-)

  Stuartli 23:52 21 Apr 2005

3,856 to be exact...:-)

  paddy75 23:53 21 Apr 2005

I passed my 1000th last week.

  DerekR 23:56 21 Apr 2005

447 as we speak!

  stalion 23:56 21 Apr 2005

coming up to 15 lol

  Indigo 1 00:16 22 Apr 2005

Just approaching 750 but that has taken some time.

To reach over 3000 you must have logged on 10 times a day !

  Saali Chuud 00:20 22 Apr 2005

Am on 267

  p;3 00:39 22 Apr 2005

nearly 2000; however, that figure means nowt; it is what I do that matters when I am logged in; do I help or hinder others with any of my postings ; and what do I learn from the threads that I browse without posting to them; and have I learnt when NOT to add something to a thread despite my wishing to do so::))

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