20 pin Power Supply - 24 pin Motherboard connector

  s99Raj 19:01 15 May 2005

I have the "normal" Power Supply with 20 pins plus a 4 pin plug which also goes onto the motherboard (Asus A8VE Deluxe). However, the m/b has a 24 pin socket. So far the 20 pin plug fits leaving 4 holes free, and I've also fitted the separate 4 pin plug onto the m/b and the PC fires up OK.

What I'd like to know is which of these options below is the best/safest?

1 Stick with what I've got, i.e. use the 20 pin plug on the 24 hole socket along with thhe separate 4 pin plug on a different part of the m/b.

2 Buy an adaptor.

3 Buy a new PSU with 24 pins.

  bremner 19:07 15 May 2005

I believe the connections are universal and are used by most new mobos. That way manufacturers need only buy one type of connector keeping costs down.

The additional 4 pins are only used on certain particularly motherboards - the MSI K8T Master Far2 for example - it needs all 24 pins and a suitable PSU because it is a dual CPU board.

  s99Raj 19:17 15 May 2005

So I should just stick with the connections I've made with the 20 pin type of power supply?

  bremner 19:21 15 May 2005

Yes - on the boards I have seen there is often a sticker over the extra 4 pins saying 'remove only if required'.

On the MSI board I mentioned above it failed to work until I changed the PSU - if yours is working OK then it clearly does not require power to the additional four pins

  clayton 19:24 15 May 2005

On my Asus a8n-sli mobo i fit the 20 pin connector to the 24 pin socket & the 4 pin power supply to a different connector.

  s99Raj 19:38 15 May 2005

Thanks for that - the Asus m/b I bought has no such sticker about the 4 extra pins but since it has a further 4 pin socket a few inches away (I'm sure you know the type i mean) I've plugged the PSU into that too. And, like you say, since everything SEEMS to be working I may as well leave it as it is.

What are these 4 extra pins for anyway? Dual CPUs?

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