2 years of Inbox folders disappear from O/Express

  cyberphobic 21:48 09 Aug 2006

My wife works from home, and files all her mail in various folders, this evening, she checked her mail, Outlook Express compacted it and now everything has disappeared apart from her sent folder. I used System Restore to no avail, I have searched for *.dbx files but they are not large enough to be the original folders, all the original categories still exist, but they only contain 59 kb which I think is the size of newly created dbx files. I back up about every 4 weeks with Acronis True Image, but a lot of mailhas been received since then.
Can anyone suggest how I might be able to restore the files please, because at the moment this is clearly all my fault!

  skidzy 22:03 09 Aug 2006

click here
click here These may help.

Good luck

  woodchip 22:06 09 Aug 2006

And you are telling us that you have note made a Backup of the files >>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!boom

  cyberphobic 20:00 10 Aug 2006

Refresh - I really need some help on this please!

  VoG II 20:06 10 Aug 2006

click here and click here may help you.

  skidzy 20:14 10 Aug 2006

Did you have a good look through the 2 links i posted earlier cyber.

This may help,but think your going to have to pay for a program to find these files click here
Someone else may advise further.

Good luck,hope this helps.

  VoG II 20:15 10 Aug 2006

Sorry I didn't realise that my first link was the same as yours.

  skidzy 20:21 10 Aug 2006

No Probs VoG™, better the double posting than not at all.

  cyberphobic 12:26 13 Aug 2006

*.dbx folders (apart from sent)had disappeared from machine, I downloaded a programme to search for them but they just weren't there. So I saved the sent folders, then restored the previously saved image (using Acronis) and then added the old sent items back into to Outlook Express. So all that has been lost is 4 weeks inbox ( although of course I have the replies which I sent, so many of the "lost" messages are attached to the replies. I will of course be backing up very week in future! Can anyone offer any explanation as to why the messages should just have disappeared? could it be file corruption, a virus or a hardware problem? I obviously want to take whatever steps I can to prevent this ever happening again!

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