2 x computers sharing internet connection

  xptosmtbd 17:45 16 Apr 2003

Can 2 computers in the same house, 1 using windows 98se. and the other xp. home. use the same internet connection, rather than going to the expense of paying for 2 accounts.....Thanks in advance Sandra

  musicbassman 18:14 16 Apr 2003

That's exactly the set up I have at home - I'm on a standard dial up connection(Claranet). You can leave both modems connected to the phone line just as if they were extension phones. Obviously you can only have one computer using the phone line at a time - if one is already using the line the second one won't connect -line is engaged. You can just copy the dial up settings from one computer to the other.

  xptosmtbd 18:31 16 Apr 2003

Hi Music..Thanks for your fast response, however I have broadband will this work the same way??

  musicbassman 18:40 16 Apr 2003

Don't know. Maybe someone else will help you with this.

  Rayuk 19:13 16 Apr 2003

Will work different ways, to do it have a look
click here
If you dont use a router you will have to have both pcs switched on to run second pc/if you use a router you can use both pcs independently.
Hope I described that so you understand what I meant.

  chris6891 19:24 16 Apr 2003

basically u can network both of the computers and use file/internet connection sharing on these pc's. get a crossover cable and 2 network cards, from here (i assume the broadband is on XP machine) goto ure network connections on the XP machine, and select to create a new home/office network, the follow the easy steps, by selecting the connection to share, printer to share etc. Then, create a network disk, and run it on the windows 98 computer. Now both should be able to see each other over the network. Now, for the internet to work, the providor pc (XP in this case) has to be switched on for the other to use it. This is a cheap way of doing it (each Network card around 5 quid, and crossover cable around 10.) or if you want them indipendantly working, use a router, as said above. But i use a switch, in which i have 5 comps attatched. hope this helps.

  slimbo51 19:26 16 Apr 2003

I use 2 ethernet cards and a xover cable to link my 2 systems (I'm also on 600 b/band).

Also use a proxy server called ANALOGX for the software (Free download on net).(Lowest cost)

This method is ok if ur comps are close together as are mine, If far apart use a router with through cables as sugested above.(medium cost)

Their is also the option of wireless connection as well (Most expensive)

  xptosmtbd 19:28 16 Apr 2003

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your help. where do the network cards go? do they have to be fiited inside the computer tower?..sorry to sound so daft but I have no idea..You are correct is assuming that the xp one has the broadband connection.....Sandra

  roy 19:43 16 Apr 2003

Hi Sandra

The network cards will need to go into a PCI slot inside your towers. It is a very simple operation using the Win XP network wizard. Follow instructions once you have installed your cards. Also refer to XP's help files which cover networking in small ofices and home.


  xptosmtbd 19:49 16 Apr 2003

Thanks Roy, There is no way I can mess up the workings in the tower then!!!!!

  xptosmtbd 19:50 16 Apr 2003

Slimbo, My compuers are in adjoining rooms so they are around 18 feet away through a wall, is this considered close or not?.....Thanks Sandra

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