2 Users, 1 Computer. Broadband- but only for 1

  wansanshu 22:58 24 Apr 2007

I have recently switched my broadband to Tiscali from AOL. My wife and I each have a user profile on the PC. With AOL the facility existed to create different user accounts, but I'm having great difficulty setting this up with the Tiscali connection. I can access the internet OK through my profile, but if I click on the Tiscali Broadband icon when logged on as my wife I get a no connection message. I've picked through the internet connection settings and both profiles seem identical. Also the install CD has put a shortcut on her desktop as well so it seems as if it's supposed to work. Anyone got any ideas???

  igr 23:07 24 Apr 2007

How do you get your broadband. An ADSL modem I guess. If so you need to go into the modem setup and set the broadband to 'always on'. It does not matter how many user profiles you have, they will all use the main user connection.

  wansanshu 23:30 24 Apr 2007

Thanks- where would I typically configure the ADSL modem?

  johnnyrocker 23:37 24 Apr 2007

from memory if one selects properties of network connections there is a facility for ticking all users share this connection in the properties settings.


  wansanshu 00:17 25 Apr 2007

I'm sure I've already tried that- but I'll try again through the control panel this time. Thanks.

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