2 unrelated questions...Firewalls and Startup

  Fateful Shadow 11:37 08 Jun 2003

Firstly, the Firewall. I can't do anything with XP's firewall, and I wanted to know how reliable is Outpost Firewall?

Secondly, a few days ago someone posted something about a slow startup in XP Pro. A few people replied with links to Microsoft and a program that speeds up startup by rearranging what starts up when. Could anyone tell me if that works on XP Home, and if not, what else could I do? (P.S. I've tried removing as much as I can using MSCONFIG but still no luck!)


  hugh-265156 11:44 08 Jun 2003

yes bootvis click here will work on xp home.

outpost or zonealarm are both good.

outpost may require a bit more tweaking though so if its something your not confidant about then zonealarm is a set and forget jobby and might be better.

  hugh-265156 11:47 08 Jun 2003

for bootvis.

click on trace next boot and driver delay and restart.

click on optomize system and restart.

thats it.

for it to work you will need to ensure that schedueled tasks are enabled in controlpanel/seriices otherwise it will hang on optomizing.

  Fateful Shadow 13:20 08 Jun 2003

Thanks for recommending Bootvis huggyg71!

I just have one final question for anybody who knows...is there a similar thing/version for Windows ME?

  hugh-265156 13:27 08 Jun 2003
  hugh-265156 13:33 08 Jun 2003

oops! wrong link click here is about it.

save you about 2 secs :-)

  The Spires 13:41 08 Jun 2003

Agnitum Outpost is first class click here, I also use their Trojan Scanner 'Tauscan'

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