2 times GTX 470 GPU's

  3300bhp 10:44 27 Nov 2010


I am getting a new PC very shortly, the company I have purchased from have toldme that they willbe fitting 2 x GTX 470 graphics cards into the PC vice one. The reason for this isn't relevent.I would like toknow what benefit this will bring and do I need to do anything to set the system up for running 2 cards instead of one, the other specs are:

Intel i7 950 @ 3.09ghz
Asus motherboard
12gb DDR3 ram @ 1600mhz
coolit liquid cooling
750w Power Supply
2 x GTX470 graphics cards

With this system as it is will the power supply be enough to run the system?
Will the cooling system be adequate
Will I benefit from setting the 2 cards up SLI
Will MSFS 10 recognise the 2 cards and also be able to utilise the 12gb RAM


  johndrew 11:44 27 Nov 2010

PSU should meet the demands, but other drives/cards also take power.

Cooling is for the CPU which is separate from the GPUs. If you run the CPU at 100% for long periods it will still get warm even with the best of cooling.

Graphics cards in SLI provide quicker changes especially if playing intensive games' doing a lot of video editing or similar. They also have their own dedicated RAM for this.

MSFS 10 doesn't need to 'recognise' the graphics cards it is the system that directs loading. Whether you will accomplish using all 12GB RAM will depend on whether the OS can see it (XP would not) and the loading you have on the PC with the software run.

  letsgetrdy 16:05 27 Nov 2010

That game most likely does support SLI. It wont need to utilise all 12gb of ram it will only use around 1.5gb when running. Of course you will need a 64bit os for all of the ram to be available, not that you will ever use it unless your doing virtualisation etc. You will benefit fps wise, however on some games, such as games which require high accuracy, you may find sli will cause microstutter as the two cards take it in turns rendering frames. I gave up my 2x8800gts a couple of years back because of this, and i dont believe its improved. You can fiddle with the settings and choose your sli preference, ex - AFR. If you ever play a game and suffer from microstutter that annoys you, you can also just deactivate sli for that game. In a driving game though I doubt you will notice, and some people dont notice in any games. Its all down to the person! That coolit thing is most likely similar to my H50, i think ive seen it. It shouls cope with anything. Of course no application makes your cpu use 100%, unless its a benchmark. That wouldnt be a wise programming choice, and just isn't realistic to maintain other cycles (other running binaries). So don't worry about it ever hitting 100%. Im sure if I ran my oc'd cpu at 100% even with the h50 liquid cooler it would most likely bsod eventually. In normal usage & heavy gaming you will experience frosty temps just like me :)

  GaT7 16:21 27 Nov 2010

What's the make & model of the PSU they'll be using? A good quality 750W SLI-capable PSU should be sufficient.

I think two GTX470 cards & 12Gb RAM is overkill.

Get one card to begin with, ensuring the chosen Asus motherboard supports SLI. Then upgrade to another in the future only when you find your game(s) not coping at the settings you run them at. By the time that happens you may find the prices have dropped significantly, or it may be better to upgrade directly to the newest card out there that's better than a GTX470 (or even 2 of them).

Get 6Gb RAM instead in 2Gb modules, so you have 3 slots free for the future (check specs of chosen mobo again). And make sure to install a 64-bit OS as letsgetrdy suggests. G

  3300bhp 00:36 28 Nov 2010

Thanks so much for the advice, the 2nd graphics card is a freebie so I won't refuse it, I will be using windows 7 64 bit, The motherboard has 2 slots spare with the 12gb installed as far as I know. The PSU is a SLI capable one so I think I will be OK. I will not bother with the SLI to start with and see how it performs. Once again thanks for the responces

  gengiscant 08:44 28 Nov 2010

I assume the PC will come with both graphics cards fitted, so it will be set up to function in SLI mode. You could of course turn it off, I assume Nvidia has something in its settings to turn off SLI, ATI Crossfire certainly does.
You could also remove the second card which will guarantee that you do not have SLI.

But all in all its a bit pointless,if you have 2 cards use them,you do not mention whether you are a gamer or not, if you are then go for SLI. Have a look at this site:click here click on GPU bench and compare 1x470 against 2x470's.

  AL47 10:00 28 Nov 2010

do you have a big resolution monitor? if so atm those cards are overkill, you could sell one but dont obv turn it down if its free, i have a ati 5870 [approx the same as the 470] and it works for every game [inc crysis] at 1920x1200 [ i may be going to a 2540x1440 display and it may not be enough for that]

id say your psu is fine depending on brand,

12gb is massively overkill unless you use like 100 programs at once, 6-8gb seems the ideal, i have 6 and at no time has more than 4 been used, so id save £100 and halve the ram

the liquid cooling will be more than sufficient if its what i think it is, i overcclock my i7 920 to 3.8GHz on air and its ok

  AL47 10:02 28 Nov 2010


i only overclock my cpu as i transcode blu rays, that does use 100% of CPU bandwidth for hours and i have no temperature issues

  GaT7 12:41 28 Nov 2010

"...the 2nd graphics card is a freebie so I won't refuse it..."

It's also called a marketing gimmick, & is not free by any stretch of the imagination. No one's going to give away a card worth £175-200 for free - think about it. If they were, they would be a long queue outside the company that's selling these systems.

"I will not bother with the SLI to start with.."

Another reason not to get two in the first place. Ask them for a £175 reduction (taking this click here as an example) & get only one to begin with. G

  3300bhp 14:55 28 Nov 2010

The second card is being fitted as a compensationary gesture due to the fact I have had to wait 6 weeks for the PC when it was promised in 9 working days, I will be running FSX on the PC with a huge load of addons (90gb +) this needs 4 gb ram to run at 30fps plus so including the ram to run the PC 6gb will be stretching it,as I am getting win7 64 bit I hope the system will cope with the game. I may overclock the processor as the game is CPU dependant more than GPU dependant,I will have to see the results I get when I get the PC,the monitor I am getting is 1080p HD by LG I think @ 24"

  GaT7 15:50 28 Nov 2010

Right, I see. If that's the case, then it's a very good gesture on their part.

"I hope the system will cope with the game"

Come on, you cannot be serious! Why are you doubting this? It's not like FSX is the most demanding game that even your chosen high-end hardware cannot handle.

"...as the game is CPU dependant more than GPU dependant"

You're right there, which makes another GTX 470 even less of a good idea. Any chance they will exchange the extra GTX 470 for a discount instead? G

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