2 TFT Screens & PCi-Express card questions

  Audio~~Chip 14:02 26 Aug 2009

Ok, my machine has a 7900GT PCi-Express Graphics card currently on XP Pro soon the machine will change to Vista Premium 64bit. My Graphics card has 2 DVI ports on it nothing else.

I am considering going to Twin Screen as I work from home and work long hours and need to see more of what I am doing easier.

Can someone please explain the Disadvanteges and advantages for having 2 matching identical Screens and name drops (I was looking at 22" Samsung screens)


  AndySD 14:19 26 Aug 2009

I have never had the luxury of two identical screens, but have been using 3 or 3 screens for almost 8 years now. Going back to a pc with one screen is now a struggle. Using multiple screens with NVIDIA graphics is simple as the have multiscreen software in the drivers. When you get to Windows 7 there is a usefull shortcut you will need to use, Press the Windows Key and P at the same time.

  Audio~~Chip 14:30 26 Aug 2009

Difficult in asking my question's, ok so imagine I had 2 screens, its it really that you can have one spreadsheet open on one screen and another showing a screen of a special active programe I use which is a aircraft Radar system. so I can see whats going on while working.

Or say web pages on one screen and spreadsheet on another ?

  John Ross 14:50 26 Aug 2009

I am doing this right now.
It does add extra demands on the computer / graphics card so perfrmance / image may suffer in a less powerful PC if watching a video on one screen and using power hungry program on other (I haven't managed to get film to spread across both screens for extra wide viewing tho there is a folder in the nVidia driver for stereo viewing I have not explored yet!).
I am on a budget graphic card and so have one screen VGA and the other DVI, both secondhand and 4-5 years old when bought : total cost <£50. It is slightly annoying trying to get the colour / brightness / contrast as close as possible between screens, as the Fujitsu VGA screen is much brighter, but the Dell has better colour due to DVI. Otherwise no problem.
I do graphics etc in Photoshop and the like and felt I needed a bigger screen than my 17 inch, However, with two screens I find 17 inch to be fine : therefore the more monitors the smaller the screen size needed and the more awkward big screens become, perhaps?

  Audio~~Chip 15:25 26 Aug 2009

Looking at 22" or 24" dual screens. Graphics quality should be a problem when I manage to build my new machine.

Suppose I should be asking for name drops on decent 22" - 24" screens. Samsung is one but I read about Screen Bleed from the top on review via Ebuyer.

  AndySD 16:13 26 Aug 2009


The 7900 should be ok with 22 inch screens. Put in a 24 inch screen with a high resolution then you need a card with a gig of ram or as I use with mine I have a 7900 on my main working screen a 24 inch Dell and a 7600 running the two 19inch standard TFT's on either side.

How much do you want to pay for the screens?

  AndySD 16:15 26 Aug 2009

Lets try that again

If you want to run two 24" screens on one graphics card you will need a card with a gig of ram.

  Audio~~Chip 16:40 26 Aug 2009

say each for a screen under £500 x2 £ 1K

  Audio~~Chip 18:31 26 Aug 2009

I mean £550 for a screen so would go to £1,100 for a pair.

  wee eddie 21:01 26 Aug 2009

Almost any graphics Card can handle 2 Screens, with each one set up at its own Optimum Configuration.

So ~~~~ you can carry on using your old screen and just buy a super dooper one as well. Word Processing on the old one and Photo Manipulation on the other.

  Audio~~Chip 21:30 26 Aug 2009

My business requires a number of machines. So the older screen is to replace my ageing CRT Tube Monitor. Matching screens, the the screens must be able to equal display identical adapter settings and Hz and having matching will look better than odd screens on desks

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