2 Swap files?

  linguina 19:08 26 Jan 2003

I just finished to install 2 new HDD. After changhing swap files destination I noticed that now I have 2 swap files. The first in the previous directory and the second in the new one.
Is it possible?

  recap 19:24 26 Jan 2003

click here it may help you?

  linguina 20:43 26 Jan 2003

it is interesting but it don't apply to my case.
Any idea?

  jazzypop 20:50 26 Jan 2003

Yes, it is possible for each drive to have a swap file.

  linguina 21:58 26 Jan 2003

What does it depend on? Why did I have 2 HDDs and only 1 swp file (directory specified in the 'virtual memory' tab) and now I have 4 drives and 2 swap files in 2 two different directories? how can that be possible?

  jazzypop 00:56 27 Jan 2003

What version of Windows are you runing? It makes a difference as to the precise method of getting to the setup for your swap file.

click here for more background reading. Note especially the comments about partitions and physical disks.

  linguina 02:00 29 Jan 2003

I'm on win98sec. On MyComputer>properties>Performance>Virtual Memory I choose 'Let me specify my own virtual memory settings' and then assign a new directory to my new (faster) HDD. After rebooting I check my old HDD and I can see a copy of the swap files. It shouldn't be there, should it?

  Squall 09:23 29 Jan 2003

It may be that changing the location of your swap file has just created a new one in the location that you specified, rather than moving your current one.

Does the swap file in the old change size?

  jazzypop 10:21 29 Jan 2003

You have set a swap file on your new drive - but have you clicked on your old drive and adjusted the settings for that one?

Set the swap file to zero on C: if you really don't want a swap file on it, although many claim that splitting your swap file over two disks can speed up operations by allowing simultaneous access on both drives. This presumes that the two drives are on different IDE ports, of course.

The whole issue of swap file performance is not a precise science - if you need further reading, I also suggest that you click here

  linguina 15:18 29 Jan 2003

I had the min and max figures set to the same number (1.5 my RAM) therefore it doesn't change... but let me see if I let Norton manage it what's gonna happen.

  linguina 23:24 29 Jan 2003

After changing the values I noticed that the old swap files weren't changing. Can I delete them?

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