2 strange Hotmail problems

  Chris Webster 21:37 11 Dec 2005

Hi all,
I've had my hotmail account for years now without any problems, up until now.

No 1, I cannot empty my 'trash can', when I click on empty I just get the following message 'An error has occurred. Click here to resolve the issue.' I click where it says and nothing happens.

No 2, I thought I'd look in the help files for any clues to the above problem but when I click on 'help' the help section appears but It's NOT in English anymore.

Any ideas please.

Cheers, Chris.

  VoG II 21:38 11 Dec 2005

No 1 click here

  Chris Webster 21:43 11 Dec 2005

Thanks for that.

Any ideas on how to get the 'help' section to appear in English?

Cheers, Chris.

  sinbad1 21:44 11 Dec 2005

select all,put in inbox,select all click on junk, then empty.

  Meshuga 22:50 11 Dec 2005

Hi sinbad1, thanks for your suggestion. I had posted the same problem, see VoGs click here above, tried your suggestion and the Junk box emptied. Chris Webster above please note. Regards, Meshuga.

  sinbad1 23:04 11 Dec 2005

yes i have read your postings seems to be a glitch with msn, like you i find it annoying, lets hpoe they sort it out. At least its a way of emptying the trash for the time being.

  Chris Webster 21:38 12 Dec 2005

Any ideas on how to get the 'help' section to appear in English or is this a glitch too?

Has anyone elses help section changed FROM English?

Cheers, Chris.

  GroupFC 22:04 12 Dec 2005

"Has anyone elses help section changed FROM English" - yes, yesterday it seemed to be in Spanish or portugese and today it seems to be in czech or finnish or swedish (or anything else for all the sense it makes to me!).

I guess as it seems to change language on a daily basis it will soon come round to english again!

  john-232317 22:05 12 Dec 2005

I assume you mean help section in Hotmail page ? mine is still in English and I am in Spain ;-)

  LivEviL 22:06 12 Dec 2005

how do u have all these links u have links to any web site! ur like LINK MAN!

  Chegs ®™ 22:21 12 Dec 2005

My daughter had the same trouble earlier,only the Trash Can folder was missing and so were all the emails from her Inbox.She restarted PC and I went for a nosey thru her Folders in Hotmail and found her missing Inbox mails had moved to Trash Can(which had returned)I didn't take any notice of the Help files so no ideas as to what language their going to be in.I'm puzzled as to how restarting her PC might fix a Web based mail system,but it did.

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