2 SATA Drives - How to set up and partition?

  OwenLotts 19:25 15 Sep 2004

I intend to build a new PC in the near future and one consideration i have to make is the hard drives. Currently i have one 40 Gb ATA 100 drive but i wish to set up the new system with 2 120 Gb SATA drives. I would install the first one and then install WinXP onto that disk (hitting F6 and inserting my floppy disk with the SATA drivers when prompted as I've read on so many sites). Then I'll shutdown and install the second drive.

BTW this is NOT a RAID setup.

The problem arises once this is complete. Before with Win9x i know you can boot with a boot floppy and FDISK the second drive then boot into Windows and there is your new disk partitioned and formatted.

However how do i do this in WinXP Home? I can't think what to do to partition and format the second drive once installed.

Can any one help me?

  mosfet 20:20 15 Sep 2004

You can do all that when in XP with disk manager,very easy to do.

  OwenLotts 07:26 16 Sep 2004

I see. So i can partition and format from there? No FDISK any more?

Thank you.

  Philwane 07:37 16 Sep 2004

I just fitted a SATA Maxtor 80Gig and yes as Les2
says it is very easy with Disk Manager

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