2 quickies after rebuild.

  muddypaws 09:49 15 Sep 2005

XP Home SP2.
First--- Where is the option to change mouse from two clicks to one to open folders etc.? Had it before but of course it wouldn't be under ' controlpanel/ mouse'. That would be too simple!
Second ---- Where is the option for encrypting ( or words to that effect) secure info on the HD in IE after you have been to a site? Had that before, but can't find it now.

  Eric10 09:59 15 Sep 2005

For the mouse problem: double-click My Computer and go to Tools, Folder options, then on the General tab tick 'Single-click to open an item'.

  Gongoozler 09:59 15 Sep 2005

1. Windows Explorer - Tools - Folder Options - General.

2. Sorry I don't know that one - but I'm sure someone else here does.

  muddypaws 10:31 15 Sep 2005

Thanks both of you for answers to No. 1.

  Gongoozler 10:32 15 Sep 2005

For number 2. Try click here

  muddypaws 10:52 15 Sep 2005

Gongoozler. I don't have the ' offline files' option in 'folder options'. Just the first three tabs. Reading that article it says ' Windows XP client now enables offline files and folders to be encrypted'. So perhaps it is automatic. I know in the past I actually found that option ticked somewhere, but can't find it now. Perhaps SP2 is different. Only just got SP2 with the rebuild.

  Chegs ® 10:55 15 Sep 2005

I just tried it(encryption)with a file on my PC,it works OK.After encryption is applied,the file name turns green

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