2 questions please?

  gudda96 18:02 27 Feb 2006

Hi There

Can anyone answer these questions in a step x step fashion but please dont direct me to another site

a)is the Ambios the same as Bios.

b)if i want to change my boot up order to make cd rom first,why when I h/lite cd rom/enter/f10 to save/insert my OEM cd, why wont it boot up from cd instead of going to desktop.

Thanks for any oncoming answers

  Mit123 18:16 27 Feb 2006

ive sort of got the answer to B:-
when the pc is booting up try pressing F2 or F8 (if them keys dont work im not sure what the key is for your pc, hold it down and it should come up to some sort of settings screen?)
im not sure if anything will happen tho ,give it a go tho.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:24 27 Feb 2006

If you mean AMIBIOS...yes.....click here


  Fingees 18:29 27 Feb 2006

Check what you have to press on boot up to enter bios.
On mine I have to press delete .

when in bios, find the appropriate entry it's probably listed under integrated peripherals.

chang eorder to your requirements

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:00 27 Feb 2006

1. boot the machie watch the screen for a message "Press ??? to enter setup"
2. press the key
3. you should now be in the BIOS
4. click through the various screen untill you find a setting called Boot Order or 1st boot device
5. use the appropriate key shown at the bottom iof the page (usually page up /page down) to change the 1st boot device to CD 2nd to HDD
6. save and exit (usually F10)

it should now boot from CD although there may be a message that says "press any key to boot from CD" press a key.

  gudda96 09:24 28 Feb 2006


I know how to get into Bios (mine says AMIBIOS.)and I know how to reach boot list. I know that I am supposed to h/lite the one I want(cd rom)I know I press enter, I know I am supposed to press F10 to save, but nothing happens.

Fruit bat

See above

  €dstowe 09:30 28 Feb 2006

A computer will only boot from CD if there is a bootable CD in the drive before switching on.

If the CD is not bootable e.g. a music CD or a program/game, the computer will problably ignore it and boot as normal.

Are you sure the CD is a bootable one e.g. an operating system CD?

  Eric10 10:00 28 Feb 2006

Re Question a)
My PC has an AMIBIOS which is the same thing as the BIOS. It is called AMIBIOS because it is made by a company called American Megatrends Inc. (AMI).

Re Question b)
Please be aware that there have been many versions of AMIBIOS so I can only describe mine and hope that yours is the same version or near enough to make sense of it.
On entering my BIOS there are headings at the top, one of which is 'Boot'. On that page is an entry called 'Boot Device Priority'. I highlight that and press Enter. Now I have another page with an entry called '1st Boot Device' with the current device listed next to it. If I need to change this I can do it in two ways.
1.) Press the + or - keys on the numeric keypad to step through the options.
2.) Press Enter and use the arrow keys to select the CD-Rom drive from the list and press enter again.
Now the CD-Rom should be listed as the '1st Boot Device'. If this is correct just press F10 to save and reboot.

Put a bootable CD in the drive as €dstowe has posted and restart the PC.

  gudda96 15:49 28 Feb 2006

CD Stowe

As I have said in my posting (I insert my OEM xp cd) which is the correct disk(I believe?) for booting up.

Eric 10

Quite right, mine is American Megatrends Inc. (AMI)also.As I cant do a p/s whilst in Bios, from memory, when I get there, I h/lite the second option and that takes me to the Boot up list(if thats the terminology) then I navigate to CD rom/enter/F10/close but it boots up to desktop again.

  Pamy 16:02 28 Feb 2006

If you are trying to boot from XP pro you do not have to do anything. Just put XP pro disk in drive and shut down computer in normal way. Re start computer and whatch screen , it will say something like... click key to boot from CD

  gudda96 17:30 28 Feb 2006


Mine is xp home edition

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