2 Questions...

  ste_bla 14:01 11 Jun 2004

I have two questions;

Installed a new budget name PCI sound card in a win98se machine, i had trouble at first because it wouldn't let me install the game port of it, however i have installed it (no yellow ! in device manager) however when i goto play a mp3/CD it comes up error sound card in use its just like the message when you run a game with sound and then try to play a mp3 in winamp, help?!?!

A page loads up on PCA forum and then even AFTER fully loaded it flashes white then goes back to same place, i thought it might have been me scrolling down but still does it even when i do nothing and let it load. This is the only website that does it AND i tried it on my laptop and it does the same thing... its not to important but really bugs me

Any help with either would be grateful

  recap 14:48 11 Jun 2004

Question 2, I think the site is doing a Refresh as this has been happening to my computers also.

  Stuartli 15:37 11 Jun 2004

Similar response to recap.

Re first question. If the mobo, by any chance, has onboard sound you will have to disable it in the Bios.

  keith-236785 15:50 11 Jun 2004

i think Stuartli has hit the nail on the head,

in your bios you might have settings for onboard sound & onboard gameport. both need to be set to disabled or off.

once done, you might have to remove the new sound card (click the entry in device manager and remove) same for game port.

then reboot your pc, on restart the new hardware wizard should find the sound card and install the drivers.

good luck

  ste_bla 17:30 11 Jun 2004

its an old abit with no on-board sound KT7A i think and the only other sound thing in the device manager is my 56k modem which has always been there. I know no drivers for my old sound card are there as i did a reformat and removed it before installing

any other ideas?

  keith-236785 18:22 11 Jun 2004

try the sound card in a different slot on your mobo, it might be a conflict in DMA/IRQ. moving the card might help.

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