2 question on buying new computer

  merc. 19:01 08 Mar 2007

Hi all
I am in the process of configuring a new Dell Dimension 92000, I don’t really want the Vista OS due to what I have read on the forum about Vista, they say they could put XP media OS on for me in place of Vista.

Next question is about Microsoft Office 2007, which will be installed, I really wanted Office 2003. Will Office 2007 run OK with XP media or should I buy Office 2003 myself and install later.

Thanks now


  Kate B 19:04 08 Mar 2007

With respect, why bother going backwards in terms of software? Why don't you want Vista?

  The Brigadier 19:07 08 Mar 2007

To be honest Vista has had good reviews & bad.
If your used to XP then have it installed, if not go for Vista.
Office 2007 will run OK with Vista, they are designed to work together, having Office 2003 could be a backward step.

  rawprawn 19:09 08 Mar 2007

Go with Vista and Office 2007, forum complaints are notoriously one sded affairs. There may be some bugs to iron out, but you are better off with an up to date system in the long run. It will probably be 5 years before you buy another compter and thats a long time to be running an out of date system, and do you really want to watch TV on your computer?. Make sure you get Vista premium.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:15 08 Mar 2007

I have set up 6 Vista computers in the last fortnight and it will deffo be my next OS when I come to change computers. I was very, very impressed. Remember that you will be getting it on a new computer not as an upgrade to an existing OS. 2003 and 2007 versions of Office Pro will work on it as i know from experience.


  merc. 19:35 08 Mar 2007

Thanks all for replies, looks like I might go with Vista after what you are saying, hope I will get all the new drivers for some of my old hardware.

The Office 2007 looks like it will be OK just thought i read somewhere there was some compatibility problems with it.

Will sleep on it to-night have to let Dell know by 17.00 tomorrow to keep price quoted today.


  Kate B 19:46 08 Mar 2007

You might have trouble with some older hardware, that's inevitable with a new OS, I'm afraid. I like Office 2007 - the new interface works for me. I would suggest, though, if you get it, making sure you set the default save formats to the earlier .doc format etc rather than the new XML formats, as not many people have Office 2007 and will have to download a reader to work with any 2007 files - not always possible on a corporate network.

  merc. 20:12 08 Mar 2007

Back again was thinking my be some of you tech guys could look at this link click here and let me know if this is an ok machine.

It is the middle one on the page with some options like Dell 19 ultra sharp monitor, they have upgraded the hard drive to 2 250gb raid of some sort ( dont understand what that is )is video card all fight for flight simulator as my old computer never manage to operate it.

Only other option is the wireless keyboard,logitech mx3000 I take it it wont interfere with wireless router.


  AL47 23:24 16 Oct 2007

i have office 07 on xp media and it orks fine, i like it cause its pretty!

raid 0 means theres a copy of one hard drive on the other so if one packs up youve got the other
raid 1 means data is spread across the two drives so you can get at it twice as fast
i think thats rite!

no that wont mess with the router

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