2 product keys? Win ME

  dipsy 21:58 22 Jun 2003

Win ME was pre-installed when I bought my PC about 3 years ago. I have a product key sticker which is attached to the rear of my PC. My question is - when I have checked the product key details given by Aida32 and Belarc Advisor, although they give the same number, this number differs to that on the rear of my PC? I have never reinstalled the OS, it is as it was when I received it. Is this some kind of mistake?

  Agent Smith 22:07 22 Jun 2003

Each copy of windows is the same ie all 98se ME etc what you pay for is the license to use it. Also the product code is different from the license.

  dipsy 22:12 22 Jun 2003

I understand the difference between the licence / product key, but the product key shown by Aida32 / Belarc should be the same as that on my sticker shouldn't it, or is it not that important?

  Agent Smith 22:38 22 Jun 2003

Is it the product key or the license that is shown. I gather you have the license number on your machine. When I use Aida It shows the product ID and the License one is different from the other. However when companies put an OS onto a machine I don't think they use an OS disk to install it. I think they use an Image as it is very much faster. Therefore your product ID which can also be found by right clicking on My Computer and looking under properties is probably the same as many other computers manufactured by the same company.

  jazzypop 22:43 22 Jun 2003

Yes, it is probably some kind of mistake. It happens quite a lot. Some poor 'technician' is installing 30 copies of Windows onto a batch of PCs, and puts the wrong sticker on the wrong case.

Just make a note of both numbers - I would trust the aida / belarc version, myself.

  DieSse 23:45 22 Jun 2003

However, as I'm sure they're both valid licence codes, I'm also sure that both of them will work OK.

  Jester2K II 08:19 23 Jun 2003

click here

Keyfinder will confirm the CD Key that was used to install your copy of Me.

  dipsy 18:21 23 Jun 2003

I downloaded and ran Keyfinder which gave the same result as Belarc and Aida. I suspect it's as jazzypop says, the technician must have put the wrong sticker on the case. However as I have a valid product key in the event I may need to do a reinstall, I am not worried.

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