2 probs; 1 old (modem) and 1 new (opening jpegs)

  Arokthis 20:02 30 Dec 2003

The new problem: I wanted to edit a jpeg, so I shift-right-clicked to get "open with" and hit mspaint, accidently checking the "always open with this program" box. After some confusion, I figured out what I had done and changed it back to IE. They now open each in their own browser window, instead of re-using the same one and letting me use "back" and "forward" to go through the ones I've just opened.

The old (and unresolved) problem: I DL'd "MetConnect" in the search for another truly free internet provider. (Right now I use Netzero.) Since it was only for a part of NY state, I uninstalled it. Due to inattention, I also uninstalled "Microsoft Connection Manager" which was right below it in the "Add/Remove" list. Now the modem is not seen correctly, making me unable to go online. (I'm currently at the library.) Steps taken to fix: Un, re, un, and re-installed everything in the "connection" section (part with "phone dialer") of "Windows Setup" in "Add/Remove" of Contol panel. Uninstall "seen" modem and reset. No luck. I also un and re-installed Netzero with no change. Am now stumped. If you need info, you need to tell me EXACTLY where to go to get it.

  VoG II 20:12 30 Dec 2003

I believe Microsoft Connection Manager is installed together with Internet Explorer. You could try a repair to see if that gets it back click here

  Arokthis 18:00 31 Dec 2003

VoG: link doesn't work. Any other ideas?

  short-circuit 15:58 01 Jan 2004

Try opening one of the pictures in IE. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab. Check down the list and see if there is tick in 'Re-use Windows for launching shortcuts'. If there is no tick, try putting one in and see if that works.

  Arokthis 18:28 02 Jan 2004

Someone I know IRL suggested that MetConnect may be to blame. I'm not sure.
Also, if anyone has "Cmmgr32.exe" anywhere (on their hard drive, on a CD, etc) let me know. It may be the solution to my modem problem.

  VoG II 18:29 02 Jan 2004

Sorry about the link click here

  Arokthis 16:37 05 Jan 2004

So far, no good. :( Any new ideas?

Note: After my last debacle, I used a program to clear out my Add/Remove list. Anything that I knew I would never want to delete got removed. That also means I no longer have "internet explorer" in said list.

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