2 PCs on WiFi. Can I add 3rd PC using RJ45?

  wint 17:21 03 Jan 2003
  wint 17:21 03 Jan 2003

Good evening.

I have 3 PCs. "A" is connected to the internet via an Alcatel green frog USB ADSL modem. "B" is connected to "A" using USB 802.11b wireless Peer to Peer network. "A" & "B" are both running Windows XP home.

My third machine "C" is a laptop running Windows 2000. I have tried connecting it to "B" via a crossover RJ45 cable. This connection does work but it disables the network link between "A" & "B".

So, "A" will talk to "B" OR "B" will talk to "C" and so far I can't get "A" and "C" to see each other, never mind Internet Connection Sharing!

What am I doing wrong? A pal suggests using a non crossover RJ45 (which I don't have but could buy one).

I will probably end up getting a PCMCIA wireless card - they are about £32 for Actiontec, the same type I have on "A" & "B"..... I assume I can run 3 Wifi units in a P2P network?

Thanks & all the best for the New Year.

  jazzypop 17:34 03 Jan 2003

1. Don't waste your money on a straight-through cable - PC-to-PC connections are always made via a crossover cable, PC-to-switch / hub / router are made using straight-through.

2. PC 'B' seems to be a problem. Have you disabled all firewalls while you setup the network?

If you have, it is probable that PC 'B' thinks it has two separate networks. If so, you will need to enable network bridging on PC 'B'. The Help & Support facility in XP should walk you through this OK.

This link click here should help.

  wint 20:18 03 Jan 2003

Thanks jazzypop that did it.

All connected!

I am looking at ICS now, not asking for help, yet.......

Thanks again for such a quick reply.

  wint 22:14 03 Jan 2003

Thanks again to jazzypop and HomeNetHelp click here

ICS is also working.

  jazzypop 22:20 03 Jan 2003


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