2 PC's using one broadband connection

  ShorN 22:05 20 Feb 2006

Back at my parents house they currently have one PC (Xp)(my brothers) which is connected to net via a usb modem.

I have just sourced an old PC for my parents to get used to using and they want to have a go on the net. Are they able to just plug another modem in and use the internet connection or does it have to connected to the existing PC?

Many thanks

  bluto1 22:25 20 Feb 2006

I think your parents are going to have to have an ISP of their own. I`ve not heard of 2 users, even in the same house, using only one ISP. Someone better qualified than me will probably be along, so I`ll wish you luck.

  DieSse 22:27 20 Feb 2006

You can't *just plug in* another USB ADSL modem, and use it on the same line at the same time - it's one ADSL modem at a time.

You could connect it to the existing PC, via a LAN (Ethernet) link, and use Internet Connection Sharing. With ICS, the PC with the modem needs to be running to allow the second one to access the internet.

Or you could get a Router - this allows both PCs to be connected to a modem with a LAN connection to each PC - then each PC has it's own connection to the net, independantly of the other.

  ShorN 22:31 20 Feb 2006

thanks for the info,

if they have a modem connected, could they connect to teh internet when the other PC is noe connected?
i.e. only one pc using the connection at a time?

  DieSse 22:34 20 Feb 2006

Only one can be plugged in to the phone socket at a time. By connection, I meant actual physical connection.

You can switch them over and that would work OK.

  wobblymike 09:06 21 Feb 2006

Why don't you do it wirelessly - you can do it one of 2 ways.
1. replace your usb modem with an etehrnet modem, connect your PC to it via an ethernet cable and connect to the net in the normal way and then fit a wireless adapter to the other PC so it can share your internet connection - as long as you leave the modem switched on they can access the net independantly of your PC.

2. stick with your current modem set up and fit wirelss cards to both PCs this would again allow both PCs to access the net independantly but your PC would have to be switched on to allow the other access.

I have installed both systems on a number of occassions they work fine Option 1 would be my choice but whatever suits.
If you are interested and want chapter and verse post back.

  keef66 10:51 21 Feb 2006

I have done exactly what you describe. We originaly had one newish Win XP pc connected to the internet via the NTL cable modem. I then acquired a second, older, Win 98SE pc and wanted them both to share the connection. Got a wired router (provided by my employers actually), put network cards in each pc and then both pc's plugged into the router. This in turn is connected to the modem. Used the XP network wizard to set things up. Now provided the modem and router are switched on, we can use either pc, or both at the same time, to access the net. Very handy if one of them goes mammaries skywards; I can still ask for help on this excellent forum.
Next plan is to add a wireless access point so the second pc could be in son's bedroom without trailing wires everywhere, and I can access work stuff on the laptop while slumped on the sofa downstairs. Also needed for youngest son's PSP which can only access the net wirelessly. (silly old Sony)

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