2 pc's, one monitor - can i buy cabling to switch?

  bliksem 09:29 29 Apr 2003

Hi All,

Is there cabling available to share a monitor between 2 pc's with a switching box ? Anyone know where I can look ?



  DieSse 09:36 29 Apr 2003

Look in any large online retailers (dabs for example) for a KVM swtch and VGA extension cables (for the PCs to the box).

  Belatucadrus 10:11 29 Apr 2003

Try Netshop for cables and switches click here

  TimC 10:18 29 Apr 2003

I use this set-up, and can highly recommend it.

The switch boxes have moved on tremendously since the early days. Not only is the monitor shared, but you can share the mouse and keyboard too - mine shares up to 4 PCs!

This is great for home-working, fortunately I also have a docking station for my laptop, so have everything permanently connected.

One thing to watch out for, and I haven't investigated it, if your mouse or keyboard are USB or 'cordless' you might have problems sharing them.

Another quirk I had was that my HP monitor has a built in microphone and the cable is built into the monitor cable, but the switch box was not next to that PC - Asda was the only retailer I found with the right extension cable - you could find it on-line, but I wanted to see the cable to be absolutely sure it had the right connectors. You might have a similar issue if your monitor has built in speakers, now if you wanted to share them between the two machines as well, that's another matter.

  Giant68 10:25 29 Apr 2003

I bought a KVM switch from click here for about £20, it comes with all cables, and while it may not be in a fancy case like some others it does what it says on the tin!


  Tenner 10:42 29 Apr 2003

Can you explain the huge diffeence in price between Netshop and dabs' offerings, please ?

click here and click here or am I missing something ? Do they offer the same functions ?

TimC, which model of switch box are you using that is obviously so versatile ?

Thanks for your assistance.


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