2 PCs - different IP addresses?

  Halmer 15:01 28 May 2008

There is a public forum on which I sometimes post comments.

For some reason it will not accept postings made from my laptop (it says that my IP address is blocked) but it will allow me to post from my PC.

Can someone explain why please and is there anything I can do to 'unblock' it?


  Halmer 15:04 28 May 2008

The laptop works wirelessly off my router which is connected by ethernet to the main PC.

  AlexPB 15:07 28 May 2008

Each of the computers has there own IP address, so try and contact the forum management/admin and ask to add the laptops IP.

  wis 15:11 28 May 2008

i run two desktops connected to same router, does
not make any dif lets me in on either,maybe your
wireless settings

  daveeb 15:17 28 May 2008

The forum should see the ip addy of the router so if one pc works the other one should. Can't explain it i'm afraid.

  Ditch999 15:18 28 May 2008

If you had to register then maybe there was a cookie downloaded on to the PC and you are "Logged in". The laptop does not have this cookie therefore the website cannot verify it is from you.
Your IP address is the one that your ISP provides and is the same for both computers if you are connected to the same BB service. It is only the LAN IP address which is different between the 2 PCs.
Is there a Log out anywhere on the Forum like there is at the top right of this page?

  Halmer 15:21 28 May 2008

No log on - just free to post.

I'll test it again when I can just to make sure that I'm not confused but I'm fairly sure I can post from the PC but not from the laptop as 'your IP address has been blocked'.

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