rotormota 06:09 02 May 2009


I have 2 internal hds on my Vista PC. Can I put XPMCE on one of them as well

Also, is it true that having the operating system on one drive & data/program's either on another or a partition keeps the PC running at optimum efficiency?

Does Vista have a utility to partition a drive?


  crosstrainer 07:21 02 May 2009

Yes you can, you need a partitoning tool (I use the one in the link below...I't free and easy to use)

Create a good sized partiton, and then install MCE to it. MAke sure you choose the correct partiton during the installation, or you will overwrite your existing OS!

click here

  ztronicsalien 09:52 02 May 2009


Most of the people use this to install
2 OS on a PC.But on a single drive this
may effect efficiency and speed of PC.
for more information on this click here

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