2 nd user workstation or new ordinary PC

  Aristocatman 21:44 02 Jan 2015

I am in a quandary my old HP xw6400 workstation with 2 Zeon processors had died will start & run briefly then shutsdown sometime it won't even start green light turns flashing red & beep beeps. It's old gonna cost to fix it. Time for a replacement Ebay has 2nd user HP Z600 with 2 x zeon quad core processors & 24 mB ram & Quadro 1gB display card can drive 2 displays has an SSD disk & I can transfer my existing 1TB hard drive to it. Main use is photo work & online mixed use. These cost around £520 & if built like my existing HP unit are built like a brick 'outhouse'. Alternative is a regular new PC in a similar price range. Any thoughts from the kind members of the Forum.

  rdave13 00:39 03 Jan 2015

Renew pastes, give a good clear out of dusty crud. See if life still left in it.

  SparkyJack 10:33 03 Jan 2015

Follow Dave's advice but don't commit to spending money more than that,because it could lead to a black hole of spend and get nowhere.

Second user/refurb is a good way for value for your cash,providing from a reliable source. Take a look at www.Morgan computers.com. or a good spec base unit /PSU Www.novatech.com

  wee eddie 11:51 03 Jan 2015

You're not telling us what you are using it for. That could be critical to your eventual choice.

As rdave13 has said: A good blow through might easily solve your problem.

My own personal cleaning technique is: Take the side off. Put the hairdryer on an extension lead. Take the whole lot into the garden and give it all a good blast through. I use a 1" natural Bristle Paint Brush to dislodge any clogged dust.

There are lurid tales of damage by "Static Electricity". However, I have used this method through a number of Desktops, in more than 20 years and not had a problem yet, so they may be overstated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 03 Jan 2015
  Aristocatman 13:24 05 Jan 2015

Thanks for replies I had already dedusted the unit with an airline! have done this regularly for some years problem seems to be power supply. I think that due to age I will replace the PC. I had a look at Morgan computers some possibilities there. I have transferred my hard drive to a caddy so I can access my files from my laptop & will decide what to do about main PC.

  Aristocatman 13:32 05 Jan 2015

Having said that I cannot access my documents on this drive no matter what setting I set in properties for this folder security or sharing it stubbornly says access is denied bloody rude as I am administrator!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:37 05 Jan 2015

You need to take ownership - what op system were you using?

here's and easy way

  Aristocatman 21:00 05 Jan 2015

Thanks for that Fruit Bat take ownership worked a treat. Much appreciated!

  Aristocatman 13:12 21 Jan 2015

Well I must say this PC has not been without its issues - see other posts fingers crossed I'll see how it goes.

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