2 monitors different images?

  LC 13:48 28 Jul 2006

I have a dell pc with a VGA and DVI output connection on the card. I want to have two monitors one rolling a loop of powerpoint and the other to be used for word or whatever. Can I obtain different images on the monitors by only using a VGA splitter or will the same image appear on both? I realise that I cannot use DVI and VGA at the same time.

  FelixTCat 14:34 28 Jul 2006

LC, if you use a splitter, you are sending the same signal to 2 monitors, so you will get the same output on each. You may be able to resize them so that different parts of the desktop appear on different screens.

Look in the display adapter properties (right-click on blank area of desktop - click settings tab). If your display adapter supports 2 screens you will see a greyed out square with "2" in it; the main screen will have a "1" in it. If you see this, it means that the adapter will support 2 screens and you will be able to use both outputs separately.



  LC 16:23 28 Jul 2006

Thanks for the reply. I did as you suggested and got the greyed out box. Did you mean that I should use a DVI connection and VGA at the same time to achieve different images or did you mean that I should still use the VGA via the splitter?

  Ikelos 16:30 28 Jul 2006

i use a DVI converter in the VGA socket and the default image always appears on the second monitor, which leaves the main screen to put what you want............if that makes sense.

  FelixTCat 17:24 28 Jul 2006


As far as I know you can use both. In Display Properties (right-click on desktop) - Settings - Advanced you should find a tab (possibly called Displays - mine is) where you tell the adapter what to output to which display. Then you play around with the windows; you can literally drag a window from one display to another.



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