2 major probelms plz HELP!!

  jamie.cotton 12:27 23 Jun 2003

Hi all I have a CPU speed problem. I have upgraded my CPU to an AMD XP 1800+ along side with a Soltek SL75KAV Motherboard. In the system it also has 256MB SDRAM, 32MB TNT2 Graphics card and its running Windows XP Professional. The problem is that the clock speed is only running @ 1.1GHz??? Why is this I know it wouldn?t @ 1.8 cos its AMD but it should @ least run @ 1.5. Could anyone please help me

Also I have a problem, the DVD drive will only recognise any dvd or cd only if the medium is in when the system is booted up. If I try to insert a cd or a dvd into the system after it is booted and go to My Computer - D: Drive an error message appears saying that there is no cd or dvd in the drive. Y?

Thanks in advanced

for the first question "Read The Fine Manual" you will probably need to set the clock multiplier or fsb frequecy either in the Bios or by moving a jumper.(the other possibility is that like many other AMD buyers you've been ripped off)

as for the dvd try and find a new driver for it, or see if you can flash its ROM chip. there may well be no cure for it I had a dvd drive that absolutely refused to read a DVD until i instaled XP at which point it miraculously started working properly.

  recap 13:07 23 Jun 2003

AMD 1800 + runs at speeds comparable to a P4 would but is most probably something like your stated speed of 1.1.

As suggested by horiz5, read your manual to see the true speed of the CPU.

  woodchip 13:08 23 Jun 2003

Go into bios settings at startup of computer and set FSB to 133 instead of 100

  Kudu 13:19 23 Jun 2003

As woodechip says the FSB is 133 the multiplier should be 11.5 giving you 1.5Gh approx. for an xp1800.

  jamie.cotton 13:38 23 Jun 2003

OK cheers all i shall try the usggestions when i get home

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