2 laptops sharing broadband

  cozza101uk 22:41 09 Nov 2008

I have 2 Dell laptops running Vista, connecting wirelessly to a router and cable modem.

If Laptop 1 has been on and using the internet for a while, and Laptop 2 is started up both end up running slow and I end up with no internet access on the first machine.

If I reboot the modem and restart Laptop 1 everything works fine again.

I'm sure this has to do with IP adresses and maybe Laptop 2 is trying to use the same address as Laptop 1 - can anyone suggest an easy fix?

Many thanks.

  brundle 22:59 09 Nov 2008

If one gets an IP address, the other can't use it, simple as that. The one without an IP address won't connect at all. Rebooting the modem affects the ISP/WAN side and your problem is on the LAN side (your connection to the router).

What model is the router?

  brundle 23:00 09 Nov 2008

Check the ISP address range being given by the router, follow these steps on both machines;
click here

  peug417 16:18 16 Nov 2008

I an running to laptops and a server via DLINK g604t router. The two laptops are both Acers with built in wifi connection. We are in remote rural area with limited speeds anyway (best 3Mbps at present) The Server is wired to the router and reaches the 3Mbps, the one Laptop wireless reaches speeds from 2 - 3 Mbps and the newest laptop also wirless runs at speeds of under 1MBps
Why is the newest laptop running so slow? The built in card is an Intel Pro wirless 3945ABG. a search has revealed it has the latest driver and the router has the latest firmware installed. Is there anyway to check the setup of the card??

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