2 Laptop Problems - Hibernating and Sticky Windows

  TicTacToc 19:11 19 Jan 2006

HI all,

1. Lately I have been getting the follwoing problem when hibernating:
When it restarts and the resuming windows bar goes across the screen, when it gets to the end as thought it is all finished it just stops and jamms there. Any ideas why?

2. I've generally had this 'sticky window' problem on all my computers. When I have like 3 or 4 applications running (light ones not graphic or games or anything) the following happens.

Mozilla Firefox is the current open window, MSN Messenger is open and so is OpenOffice. My final window is iTunes. I click Itunes (lol it just decided to work fine then) but sometimes, nothing happens and the window doens't come up. So I have to minimize the windows to find the one I want. If I click the tab a few more times it may decide to then come up but it is annoying, what may cause that?

One small extra thing, I used like it in my XP home when, when I clicked 'start>turn off' I got Standby and hibernate seperately not having to press shift to get to Hibernate. Is there anything simple to get sepereaate Standby and Hibernate back?

Thanks for any advice

  ade.h 20:23 19 Jan 2006

Regarding Standby/Hibernate - what you have now is default behaviour. I don't know how you could have had anthing else.

For question 2; I would suspect a lack of RAM or system resources for the services and programs that are running. How many running processes are there at any one time? 30 to 40 maybe? Or much more than that once you have a few apps open?

  ade.h 20:26 19 Jan 2006

Your issue in question 1 can sometimes be caused simply by a bad memory address. Trying some different DiMMs may or may not cure it. If you have two or more DiMMs in there at the mo, try taking one out and running a typical hibernation process, just to eliminate the possibility.

  TicTacToc 21:43 19 Jan 2006

I'm surprised that my slightly dodgy sticking windows kinda problem might be resources related. I have a powerful 1.8ghz pentium M (equal to around 3.2ghz p4) and 1gb of RAM. It doesn't happen all the time so maybe its just me expecting flawless performancee, when windows can't give it.

I've got 53 processes running, can I close any of that.

I might try the RAM sometime, although i hope my RAM isn't damaged. . .

Thanks for the info again

  ade.h 21:55 19 Jan 2006

Well, you should - should - be fine with a 1.8 (I assume you mean the 1.86) P-M and 1GB. That's the same CPU as I have with twice the RAM. But you also have more than 50% more processes! 53 is very high. It may or may not be related. It's impossible for me to tell without knowing exactly how much memory each process is using.

Post a screengrab of you task manager, and maybe I'll spot something.

You should also refer to these sites click here click here and look up every process so that you are familiar with all of them. Some can be disabled. Some may even be malware.

  TicTacToc 19:59 21 Jan 2006

k thanks for the info.

Heres my screen shot of processes - hope it works.

[URL=click here][IMG]click here print screen.JPG[/IMG][/URL]

The isnooker one is just a online game thing, but it is interesting how much resources it does use up. I don't think i have problems if thats not open.

  TicTacToc 20:02 21 Jan 2006

lets try again:
[URL=click here print screen.JPG][IMG]click here print screen.th.JPG[/IMG][/URL]

  TicTacToc 20:04 21 Jan 2006

its not working for me, lets try once more

[URL=click here print screen.JPG][IMG]click here print screen.th.JPG[/IMG][/URL]

  ade.h 20:09 21 Jan 2006

Try using click here and from the URLs that it gives you, copy the second from last, called "direct link to image.

  TicTacToc 20:19 21 Jan 2006

click here

it should work, thanks

  TicTacToc 17:32 29 Jan 2006

No one to offer any more advice?
Do those processes look ok ade.h?

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