2 identities on outlook express need 1 inbox HELP

  kspatto 16:14 29 Jun 2005

my wife and I have seperate ids on outlook express but the account defaults to my wifes id when turned on we like to send messages as ourselves (saves complicated explanations)but would like all the returned mail in one folder on the main id (I keep forgeting to check that id account)can i simply move the store folders to the same location as the main id or would this over write the original files there

thanks patto

  kspatto 17:34 29 Jun 2005


  esbe 22:54 29 Jun 2005

Hi try this, open O/Express > File > Indentities > Manage Indentities > make sure 'use this indentity when starting a programme' is ticked > then choose the account you want to be the main one to open each time.

  scotty 08:50 30 Jun 2005

You mention moving store folders. I assume you mean that the files named Inbox.dbx etc. are stored in different locations for you and your wife, in which case I also assume that you have separate log-ons for Windows. If this is the case, what you are trying to do is possible as that is the way my pc is (was) set-up. My e-mails are stored under the "All users" directory rather than seperately. Off the top of my head I cannot recall how I did this but as I had to re-install Windows last night I might have to rediscover this soon. If you can confirm things are as I described I am sure someone will come up with the answer.

Moving the *.dbx folders will work but there are a couple of points to be aware of before you try. You will need to delete a file called folder.dbx (or something like this). This file holds the structure of the directories so you loose the structure and need to move directories around once you get back into OE. You also need to avoid duplicate file names so you may need to rename files to "Inbox hers.dbx" for example before copying to the new location. Once in OE you can copy the messages to the required folder and delete the unnecessary folder. Suggest backing up these files before you start just in case.

  kspatto 23:36 30 Jun 2005

thanks I have tried altering the dbx files so that I can store them all in one location but the main files such as inbox are greyed out so dont think this will work(it offers to overwrite the original files if you try glad I made a copy first) but your other suggestion about using the all users directory may bear fruit
ho by the way we dont have seperate log ons I just wanted to send Emails in my name rather than my wifes

  kspatto 00:09 01 Jul 2005

it seems that you can do this provided you start fresh or at least allow one of the files to overwrite the other(obviously you will lose the data from the overwritten ones)I think the all users directory is just about you address book see link

click here

this seems a nice clear site for tips on OE

click here

thanks again

  kspatto 00:20 01 Jul 2005

just an add on you can move all of your files out of your inbox into a new folder like inbox 2 then when it gets overwritten these files will not disappear you can then move them all back into your inbox/sent items etc and delete the spare files

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