Bonzy 16:04 04 May 2004

Hello folks, please help me out here, thank you. The hdd on my good friend's pc has a number of programs and data which are all useful to him. At one time he thought he needed a bigger hdd for graphics etc, so he bought a bigger hdd(40GB)and gave it to a pc group to install in the pc. The techs there installed the new drive but left the old one unconnected because both drives cannot be connected and used in the same pc, they said. This is a big problem because my friend still needs certain important files eg emamils etc on the old hdd. I think it should be possible to use both drives on the same pc, am I right? If so, how can we do the istallation/connections such that he has access to both drives on his pc? The OS on the old drive is Win98 and XP on the new/bigger hdd. Thanks in advance.

  OPEN18 16:11 04 May 2004

You should be able to simply connect the old HD to the extra IDE cable on the one plugged into the new HD. You should also find a spare power supply in the PC to connect to the HD and boot this up.

If this fails to work, you may need to adjust the Bios settings to define which HD is used to boot up and also which is the master and which the slave.

Hope this helps (did the same myself the other day with little experience and worked a treat).

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