2 Hard Drives in new system build Advantage

  Audio~~Chip 14:37 07 Sep 2010

I read arround the web people using 2 or more Hard Drives in a system or partitioning a single HDD.

Can someone in english not ot techie explain the basic advantages or partioning a single HDD or Adding a second HDD which I think is called RAID ?

The way I see Partitioning is if on 1 HDD if the HDD fails then you will still loose any work in a rare even of a HDD failure.

I am going to be building this new machine on a Asus P6X58D-E with WinXP Pro 32bit for about a year and a bit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 07 Sep 2010

Raid explained click here

More than one "physical" drive advantages

Data spread across drives as per raid explained in above link

Op system can be kept separate from data and therefore data not lost if op system drive corrupts or virus attacks op system.

Makes for easier backing up of data

Pagefile (virtual memory) can be put on different drive from op system therefore allows a possible speed increase.

More noise
More heat inside case.

  MAJ 14:54 07 Sep 2010

"Adding a second HDD which I think is called RAID ?"

No it isn't. You can add as many hard drives as your computer can take but that doesn't mean you have a RAID array. A Raid array has to be set up, see Fruit Bat /\0/\'s link.

  Audio~~Chip 15:10 07 Sep 2010

Valuable info that weblink Fruit Bat /\0/\ as my machine is mainly office machine looks like it could be worth it.

Thank U!

  woodchip 15:21 07 Sep 2010

You can have two drives without being setup as raid. also second drive use a backup for your work. But do not remove work from min drive a if it goes your work is gone. if the second drive goes you still have your work on the main drive. And you can still partition. To divide your programs and work etc

  gazzaho 15:22 07 Sep 2010

The point of having the OS and data (your personal files) on separate partitions/drives is that you can reinstall the OS without deleting your data if need be, if the OS becomes unstable or slows down due to a build up of crud over time.

The benefit of 2 drives over one partitioned drive is that if a partitioned drive fails physically the OS and data are destroyed, with 2 drives it's less likely to loose everything as your data is on another physical drive.

  AL47 16:12 07 Sep 2010

i have 4 [and soon 5] drives in my computer

2 300GB drives in raid 0 for OS and games, programs etc [two hard drives working as one] and 2 1.5tb drives not in raid for data backup

the raid setup is for loading up speed and program use speed and also data writing speed. the larger drives contain blue rays and system backup

i also have a portable drive with a clone of my OS drive just incase one fails.. if one drive fails in raid 0 its all gone

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