2 hard drives

  chriscross72 21:38 08 Jul 2005

carrying on from my earlier posts i'm trying to make 2 hard drives run on my system....i connected the main 80 gb hard drive as master and a 40 gb one as slave....on boot up i see in the bios that the drives are only recognised as one 120gb hard drive... i've tried going into CMOS and auto detecting the drives....still the same result...how many jumper pins should i have on the main drive....1 or 2 ?
I've read that connecting a second hard drive to my system should be pig easy....so what is the problem with my set up...anyone know ?
my main 80gb hard drive has windows XP PRO and the slave one has windows 2000 pro installed....should the second hard drive be blank ? ( i want to keep it as it is as a back up in case of failure llike what happened to me recently) i just want to use the spare 27gb as storage from my main drive

  lotvic 21:49 08 Jul 2005

link to earlier post click here

  TomJerry 21:51 08 Jul 2005


  chriscross72 21:59 08 Jul 2005

i've tried all that....but the machine still insists it has only one 120 gb hard drive not he 80 and 40 gb ones.......is it correct that there is only one jumper on the main hard drive set to master and one one the other drive set to slave...the ide cables are the right way round too !!

  Rogerfredo 11:03 09 Jul 2005

Did you install the operating systems onto the drives before fitting? Could this be the cause of the problem. I have only fitted "clean" formatted drives and then prepared them in the system. For dual boot systems to work, don't you need to set up XP to recognise the other system / partition?

  €dstowe 11:10 09 Jul 2005

Try setting the jumpers to CS (cable select) and let your computer sort out which from what.

  TomJerry 11:10 09 Jul 2005

if you use the same cable, set both HDDs jump as "CS (cable select)" would be the better option

  €dstowe 11:10 09 Jul 2005

Try setting the jumpers to CS (cable select) and let your computer sort out which from what.

  €dstowe 11:11 09 Jul 2005

Sorry about the double post but TomJerry must have been posting the same info at the same time.

  ventanas 21:35 10 Jul 2005

I saw this thread on Friday, but have only just had the time to respond. chriscross72 I notice that the slave drive has Win 2K installed. presumeably it was previously installed and running that os on another machine. Have you looked in Disc Management to see of two drives show there. I have a feeling that this drive may have been set up as a spanned dynamic disc, and this is affecting your other drive. Look in the type column. If it states Dynamic, then this is the cause of your problem. You will have to change it back to a Basic disc. Right click and choose Convert to basic disc. However all data, and I mean all, will be lost.

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