2 Hard drive failures in 12 Months!

  Faser 16:07 07 Jul 2005

I built my (grown-up)daughters PC about 18 months ago. It is of modest spec & the cooling fans are working.

The original hard drive was 2 years old & came out of one of my PC's and failed about six months ago. The replacement was new and has just failed. They were both Hitachi ide 80GB drives. The first one became very noisy and failed. The second one worked perfectly one day and failed the next; making loud clunking noises until the message appears "Primary Drive Failed".

I tested both drives in another PC. It is definitely not a cooling problem as I placed a fan just for the drive after the first failure. Is it just bad luck or could something be causing this?

  jimv7 16:15 07 Jul 2005

What size psu have you got, I lost 2 drives and the fault was a faulty psu. of course, this is only 1 possibility.

  Faser 17:20 07 Jul 2005

Thanks, thats interesting jimv7. I may change the PSU to be safe
I did wonder about the PSU I have known them fail but not just damage one component, until now!
It's 350W and was new 12 months ago. It should be more than adequate; the PC is using on-board audio & video and has an AMD Athlon 2000+ processor.

  961 17:43 07 Jul 2005

Buy another make. Sometimes batches of hard drive can be prone to failure

I swear by Seagate. Others will suggest other makes

You will often find two grades of hard drive. One grade with a 1 year guarantee, another grade with a 3 year warranty. The price difference is minimal. Buy the longer warranty

Heat can be a factor. Ensure your cpu and system fan temperatures are in line with normal temps for your sort of system

Your BIOS may have a smart system to warn of imminent hard drive failure. Make sure it is switched on

  Diemmess 17:52 07 Jul 2005

In view of your comments about noises before catastrophe, this is one problem that can't be laid at the door of RAM.

However, when death comes quietly, and formatting produces huge numbers of bad sectors this often can be caused by faulty RAM which also can be responsible for a vast range of faults, failures and freezes.

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