2 gb broadband is this enough

  charlton200 10:05 22 Nov 2004

Hello I was thinking of upgrading to wanadoo £17.99 per month broadband with 2 gb per month. Is this enough?.
I do about 2hours surfing a day .
I download 1 program or 2 per week this might take an hour or so on dial up(someweeks its none).
Perhaps a couple of upgrades.
And I watch an occasional short video clip 10-15 min appox.
And 5 or 6 emails per day.
MY wife sometimes downloads the odd game demo but is willing to stop doing this.
This is the most I would ever do,so would 2gb be another.
What would they do if you go over your 2gb.

Thanks for your help and time.

  BigMoFoT 10:12 22 Nov 2004

2 GB a month limit is very low in my opinion even for a normal user...

Supanet for example offer a 1MB connection for £23 a month with free modem etc with no download limits....

  BigMoFoT 10:13 22 Nov 2004

URL is click here

  cherria 10:15 22 Nov 2004

For what you have discribed, 2Gb is plenty

on dial up, you download speed would be around 5kb per second so 1 hour of downloading equates to around 18Mb so yuo could do this 100 times in a month and still not get to yuor 2Gb limit.

  Graham ® 10:27 22 Nov 2004

I'm with PlusNet 1GB, plenty for me click here

  BigMoFoT 10:35 22 Nov 2004

Those are some fairly good points charlton but what I found is that with a faster connection I was doing more, downloading more music (legally!) movie trailers, demos updates patches etc...

I mean it is upto you at the end of the day but if you do go over your download limit then you will be charged and that will be dependant on your provider...

  longwhatton34 11:01 22 Nov 2004

Personally I am with Wanadoo (the old Freeserve 512k unmetered package) and find that this is more than fast enough, even with 2 desktops and a laptop simultaneously connected, but a bit steep at £27.99, so am thinking of going to Tesco BB (also 512k unmetered, but for £19.97 a month). Although not until having moved house, as I got Wanadoo to waive their £25 transfer to a different house fee by threatening to cancel my subscription.

  cherria 11:02 22 Nov 2004

I too do much more with the internet now I have bb, however 2Gb still equates to 400 music tracks per month. That is around 20 hours of music.

So I still maintain that 2Gb would be plenty for most normal applications.

  Border View 11:03 22 Nov 2004

Try having a look at click here I found it very useful when I moved from Lineone Dial-up to Pipex 512 Broadband.

My sister has Wanadoo 2GB and hasnt reported any problems. But then I dont really know how much she uses it.

  D G 11:14 22 Nov 2004

I'm on the wanadoo 2gb limit and I find it's plenty.I don't d/load a lot just a few progs.but I do browse the net a lot.and of course the occasional post here and there. DG

  charlton200 11:43 22 Nov 2004

Thanks for your advise everyone.

Yes thinking of it, I would do a hell of a lot more if I was on broadband.

Yes I will give this a lot of thought.

Many thanks.

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