2 firewalls on 1 network

  knobler 21:02 18 Feb 2004

I've bought a Belkin modem/router with an existing Norton Anti-vrus and Firewall on one computer. The other computer has 'Norman' Anti virus on it but no Firewall.

Question: Do I need a firewall on each computer and if so is there likely to be any conflict between the firewall on the router? I'm not even sure what the firewall in the router does to be quite honest.

I had a problem earlier this evening when I turned the computer on and found an error message all over the screen stating "Nav Auto protect - Unable to initalise the virus scanning engine database files" My other antivirus software on the computer also came up with a message stating that it was unable to open.

I've reloaded Norton, updated and run a scan and all is okay at the moment. Still worried that only one firwall has let something through and on to the network.

Sorry this is so long!!!!!!

  explicitlyrics100 21:06 18 Feb 2004

i run the firewall that came in my netgear router and have never had any problems. my router reads stealth on all ports and even on an ip ping so I cant see any problems. Generally if you read stealth or all closed on grc.com then youll be absolutely fine. I used to only have nat enabled and even that caused me no problems..

  knobler 21:19 18 Feb 2004

Thanks - just seems starnge that all these problems have started since I got the network installed. The number of hits I'm taking from outside is considerably higher.

Also getting a few more temp files appearing which I cant seem to delete. I think I'm goining to have to go back to school and just take IT!

  explicitlyrics100 21:21 18 Feb 2004

are you using NAT on the router? Does the router have an spi firewall? where are the hits coming from?

  knobler 21:28 18 Feb 2004

Will have to get back to you on that. I'll Go and have a poke around etc.

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