2 Ethernet ports to one switch port?

  lahorie 12:01 02 Oct 2008


Is it possible to connect 2 ethernet ports to one switch port?


  mgmcc 12:04 02 Oct 2008

Can you be more specific about what you're trying to do?

  lahorie 12:34 02 Oct 2008


I have a projector which will be linked to my computer via a patch panel. I also need the computer to be networked.

I can link the projector and pc via the patch panel but how do i then network the pc?


  mgmcc 13:39 02 Oct 2008

It sounds as though you may want to have two ethernet adapters installed in the PC, although I don't see why you cannot connect both PC and projector to the patch panel (which I assume is a "network switch"?) and also connect the main network to the patch panel. Presumably you are only running the one network and not trying to keep two subnets separate?

  lahorie 13:59 02 Oct 2008

Hi mgmcc

Yes that would be the easiest option, patching them both in but i need the projector to be patched into the pc and then the pc to be networked. I was thinking of two network adapters, then on the patch panel, patch the projector into the pc point for adapter one and network the pc using adapter 2.

  lahorie 14:26 02 Oct 2008


I have been told this is the way this will be done, the projector will be patched into the pc via ethernet.

  lahorie 14:35 02 Oct 2008

Neither have i Beta but that's the way it's designed. Will two network adapters work then or a switch?


  mgmcc 20:04 02 Oct 2008

Two network adapters will let you connect the PC to both the projector and the network. The question is whether the projector needs to be *WITHIN* the same network as the other devices, or is it a totally separate connection?

  ambra4 03:15 03 Oct 2008

“I can link the projector and pc via the patch panel but how do I then network the pc”

The projector just connect to the network patch panel just like a normal device

Getting the projector connected to the network in either configuration is fairly simple.

Using the Menu Button on the top of the projector it will a displayed a menu option on the projected screen that allowed you to view and configure the network settings along with the network password for the projector.

The projector used DHCP to get an IP address but you could also define a specific address.

You also have to load the software that came with the projector on the computer that you want to control the projector over the network

Once connected simply launched the “Network Projector Wizard”

The wizard searched the network for connected projectors and from there selected the projector, entered the password and hit connect

Most model of network-wired projector that have a built in Ethernet port comes with manufacturer software for the laptops/tablets that initiates the video connection and allows complete projector control

In fact you can control multiple projectors over the network via a single computer

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