2 e-mail addresses= 2 copies of each message!

  Sapins 09:08 22 Apr 2004

I have just configured a second e-mail address with my ISP.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to stop getting the same message on each e-mail address.

I am using Outlook Express on XP Home.



  recap 09:19 22 Apr 2004

If the messages are SPAM then the only thing is third party software, Spam Stopper.

  recap 09:20 22 Apr 2004

If the messages are SPAM then the only thing is third party software, Spam Stopper.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:29 22 Apr 2004

Yes, but it will depend on your ISP and what they allow.

If in the format of

[email protected]

then when you set up your mail account, put in

[email protected] as your username - this will only collect mail addressed to userone.

Not all ISPs work this way but it is worth a try.

  johnnyrocker 10:25 22 Apr 2004

you need to set up message rules to direct incoming mail to which box thatis if you are not talking about spam.


  Sapins 10:37 22 Apr 2004

Hi all, no it's not spam I get the same message sent to both e-mail addresses.

I started off with one address i.e. [email protected] and have added another [email protected] but I get messages for each address sent to the other one as well!!

The addresses are different in all details, user name, e-mail address etc; the only thing the same is the account name, is that causing the problem?

I'll have a look at message rules and see if I can set it up there and will let you know how I get on.

  Simsy 10:39 22 Apr 2004

I don't have access to Outlook Express here....

Log on as one of the identities...

Tools>Options>accounts.... Go into the "mail" tab and select the account which DO NOT relate to that identity... UNCHECK the box that says something like, "include this e-mail address when receiving mail"

Then log onto the other identity and do the same.

I may have the process slightly wrong, but it sounds like that's the box you need to unclick.



  Sapins 10:53 22 Apr 2004

Not sure I follow you Simsy, I open O/Express and I am "logged on" to my account, I tried unticking the boxes as you said and I didn't receive any mail at all ( I sent myself a message from one address to the other)

  Simsy 11:25 22 Apr 2004


each identity should have the box ticked... but only for one account, the one you want that identity to receive.

E.G. Identity A should have the box ticked for Identity A account and unticked for identity B, when Identity A is logged in...


Identity B should have the box ticked for Identity B account and unticked for identity A, when Identity B is logged in...

Does that help?
(It is not beyond possible that I am barking up the wrong tree completely.... but the fact that you have stopped getting double now indicates that we're on the right track!)



  wildrover 14:57 22 Apr 2004

You need the boxes to be ticked in order to receive messages when you 'ask' OE to get them. If your wanadoo account is an IMAP account have a look at this for a solution. click here

  wildrover 15:02 22 Apr 2004

That solution doesn't match your problem exactly - but have a look at it - and have a look round the site for another possible solution if that one doesn't lead you in the right direction.

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